The Project Discovery (PD) Accountancy curriculum is designed to enrich the student education at Illinois. Through this curriculum, students gain crucial accounting knowledge; they also develop important communication skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making. These skills can provide a competitive edge when being considered for internships, employment, or graduate schools.

The Communications Team reviews papers and presentations based on four important criteria:

• Coherence—organization and unity
• Clarity—effectiveness at communicating intended meaning clearly and persuasively
• Conciseness—simplicity and precision of language
• Mechanics—conformity with rules of grammar, punctuation and spelling

Enrolled in a class with communication grading?

Communications Grading Rubric
Grading Symbols and Explanations
Presentation Evaluation Form

General communication questions?

Avoiding Casual/Opinionated Language and Using Numbers/Symbols Appropriately
Punctuation Chart
Article Use
Student’s Guide to Memo Writing
Student’s Guide to Report Writing
Student’s Guide to Letter Writing
Student’s Guide to Oral Presentations

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