Proceedings Tax Research Symposium XIII

Sponsored by the Deloitte Foundation

Chicago, Illinois
September 19-20, 2013

Program – Symposium
Program – Tax Doctoral Consortium I


The Department of Accountancy at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign held its biannual Symposium on Tax Research on September 19-20, 2013, featuring the presentation of five research papers followed by academic and practitioners’ discussions, as well as a panel session on corporate tax risk. Included below are the links to papers and commentaries.

The Department of Accountancy also hosted the inaugural University of Illinois Tax Doctoral Consortium I on September 19, 2013.  Four papers were presented, followed by discussant comments. All presentations were made by doctoral students, with faculty from the University of Illinois and other esteemed institutions participating. Also included below are the links to papers and commentaries.

The Tax Research Symposium Committee would like to thank the presenters, discussants, and panelists for their participation in the Consortium and Symposium. The Committee greatly appreciates the generous support of the Deloitte Foundation whose help made the Symposium on Tax Research XIII and the Tax Doctoral Consortium I possible.

Petro Lisowsky
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Welcome Remarks:  Ron Sonenthal, COO, Deloitte Tax LLP     

Session I: Taxes and Real Decisions

The Impact of Taxes on Location Decisions
Martin Thomsen, University of Muenster
Robert Ullmann, University of Muenster
Christoph Watrin, University of Muenster

Moderator: Paul Beck, University of Illinois
Academic Discussant:  Scott Dyreng, Duke University
A View from Practice: Larry Salus, Federal Tax Director, Reynolds Group Holdings, Inc.

Panel Discussion: Corporate Tax Risk

Tax Avoidance, Tax Aggressiveness, Tax Risk and Firm Risk
David Guenther, University of Oregon
Steven Matsunaga, University of Oregon
Brian Williams, University of Oregon

Tax Risk and the Cost of Equity Capital
Michelle Hutchens, Indiana University
Sonja Rego, Indiana University

Moderator: Petro Lisowsky, University of Illinois
Panel Members:  Marilyn Gerdes, Senior VP Tax (Retired), Sara Lee Corp.
Tom Neubig, National Director, Ernst & Young LLP
Thomas Omer, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Luncheon Speaker: Carl Allegretti, CEO, Deloitte Tax LLP

Session III: Tax Service Providers

Does Providing Tax Services Impair Auditor Independence? Evidence from Assessing Tax Accrual Quality
Preeti Choudhary, Georgetown University
Allison Koester, Georgetown University
Robert Pawlewicz, George Mason University

Moderator: Michael Donohoe, University of Illinois
Academic Discussant:  W. Robert Knechel, University of Florida
A View from Practice: Russ Hamilton, Partner, Deloitte Tax LLP

Session IV: Worldwide vs. Territorial Taxation

Are Worldwide Tax Systems Disadvantageous for Resident Firms Compared with Territorial Tax Systems?
T. J. Atwood, Florida State University
G. Ryan Huston, University of South Florida
Dana Wallace, Florida State University

Moderator: Andrew Bauer, University of Illinois
Academic Discussant: Kenneth Klassen, University of Waterloo
A Policy View:   Jonathan Traub, Managing Principal, Deloitte Tax LLP

Synthesis: Jennifer Blouin, University of Pennsylvania

Proceedings – Illinois Tax Doctoral Consortium I

Session I: Supporting Tax Policy Through Accounting Discretion

Vishal Baloria, University of Waterloo (presenter)
Kenneth Klassen, University of Waterloo

Discussant: Laura Wellman, Arizona State University

Session II: Risk and Return: Does Tax Risk Reduce Firms’ Effective Tax Rates?

Stevanie Neuman, Texas A&M University (presenter)
Thomas Omer, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Andrew Schmidt, North Carolina State University

Discussant: Dan Lynch, Michigan State University

Session III: Noncompliance with Mandatory Disclosure Requirements: The Magnitude and Determinants of Undisclosed Permanently Reinvested Earnings

Benjamin Ayers, University of Georgia
Casey Schwab, University of Georgia
Steve Utke, University of Georgia (presenter)

Discussant: Becky Lester, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Session IV: Market Penalties for Failing to Cater to Shareholder Tax Incentives

Paul Hribar, University of Iowa
Steven Savoy, University of Iowa (presenter)
Ryan Wilson, University of Oregon

Discussant: Margot Howard, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill