19th Symposium on Auditing Research


This volume contains e-proceedings from the 19th Symposium on Auditing Research held at the I-Hotel and Conference Center in Champaign, Illinois on October14-16, 2010. Approximately 90 persons, including accountancy professors and practitioners as well as Illinois faculty and doctoral students attended the symposium. The KPMG Foundation’s ongoing generous support of the symposium series enabled us to bring participants together.

Consistent with tradition, many scholars volunteered their time and knowledge to produce a high-quality symposium. Reviewers provided constructive comments, authors and discussants made helpful and thoughtful presentations of their ideas, and participants posed insightful and stimulating questions.

The Symposium featured eight research papers that collectively relied on a diverse set of theoretical perspectives and research methods to improve our understanding of the incidence, antecedents, and consequents of financial-statement fraud as well as our understanding of other pressing audit research issues. To round out the event, a promising neuroscientist gave a luncheon address on the viability of fMRI technology as a lie detection mechanism and a thought leader from audit practice gave dinner address on the current and future states of the audit profession. These addresses and presentations together with the provocative and helpful discussions of the research papers made the 19th Symposium on Auditing Research a most educational and intriguing event.

Mark E. Peecher
University of Illinois

Session I: Engaging Auditors: Field Investigation of a Courtship ◊ slides ◊

Krista Fiolleau, University of Alberta
Karim Jamal, University of Alberta (Presenter)
Kris Hoang, University of Alberta
Shyam Sunder, Yale University

Discussant: Timothy Bell, University of North Florida ◊ slides

Session II: Relevant but Undisclosed Information ◊ slides ◊

Karl Hackenbrack, Vanderbilt University
Nicole Thorne Jenkins, Vanderbilt University
Mikhail Pevzner, George Mason University (Presenter)

Discussant: Ryan J. Wilson, University of Iowa ◊ slides

Session III: Audited Financial Reporting and Voluntary Disclosure as Complements: A Test of the Confirmation Hypothesis ◊ slides ◊

Ray Ball, University of Chicago
Sudarshan Jayaraman, Washington University (Presenter)
Lakshmanan Shivakumar, London Business School

Discussant: Mei Feng, University of Pittsburgh ◊ slides

Luncheon Address: Using Brain Scans (fMRI) to Detect Fraud: Myth or Reality?

Diane Beck, University of Illinois
Department of Psychology, Neuroscience Program & Beckman Institute
◊ slides not available ◊

Session IV: How Pervasive is Corporate Fraud? ◊ slides ◊

Alexander Dyck, University of Toronto
Adair Morse, University of Chicago (Presenter)
Luigi Zingales, University of Chicago, NBER & CEPR

Academic Discussant: Joseph P. Weber, MIT ◊ slides
Practitioner Discussant: Phil McCollough, KPMG LLP ◊ slides not available ◊

 Dinner Address: State of the Audit Profession

Bruce Piller, KPMG LLP
Managing Partner, Chicago
◊ slides not available ◊

Session V: Business Strategy, Audit Fees and Financial Reporting Irregularities ◊ slides ◊

Kathleen A. Bentley, Texas A&M University (Presenter)
Thomas C. Omer, Texas A&M University
Nathan Y. Sharp, Texas A&M University

Discussant: W. Robert Knechel, University of Florida ◊ slides

 Session VI: New Investigator Forum

Risk-Based Auditing and Auditor Sensitivity to the Strategic Risk of Fraud ◊ slides ◊
Kendall Bowlin, University of Mississippi (Presenter)

Encouraging Professional Skepticism in the Industry Specialization Era: A Dual-Process Model and an Experimental Test ◊ slides ◊
Jonathan Grenier, Miami University (Presenter)

Session VII: Fraud Dynamics and Controls in Organizations ◊ slides ◊

Jon S. Davis, University of Wisconsin – Madison
Heather Pesch, University of Wisconsin – Whitewater (Presenter)

Discussant: M. David Piercey, University of Massachusetts ◊ slides

Auditing Research Symposium Planning Committee

Mark Peecher, Chair
Jessen Hobson
Brad Pomeroy
Rachel Schwartz
Martin Wu