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Dan, senior from Beach Park, IL – Hi! I am a senior, Danpursuing dual degrees in Accountancy and Management (International Business concentration) and minoring in Political Science. On campus, I’ve been fortunate enough to hold numerous leadership positions through my involvement in Global Business Brigades (an international volunteer consulting organization), Phi Chi Theta (a professional business fraternity), the Business Honors program, and Phi Delta Theta (a social fraternity). Through College of Business programs, I studied abroad in Sweden in Spring 2016 and have taken trips to Panama, Malaysia, Singapore, and the United States Emirates. My experiences here at U of I have undoubtedly shaped my professional and personal aspirations, and I hope to help others in their own pursuit of a great campus experience.

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Filip, graduate student from Oswego, IL   Hello! My time at U of I started filipas a sophomore, and I have loved it here so much I chose to stay at Illinois for my graduate studies! I transferred from Purdue University after my freshman year, graduated with my Bachelor’s of Science in Accountancy with a minor in Informatics this past May, and I am currently working toward a Masters of Accounting in Science degree. I also am starting to take portions of the CPA exam this fall, and will definitely talk about that experience in my blog! I’ve been an involved leader in the College of Business through Business Council and the Council of Presidents. I’ve had the opportunity to work with some great faculty members and fellow students, and I really appreciate just how much I’ve learned academically, professionally and personally during my time here at Illinois!

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Koby, junior from Syosset, NY – Hi! I am a junior studying Accountancy with a minor in History. Outside of the classroom, I am a member of Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity. I spend much of my time pursuing old, odd, aKobynd interesting pieces of Americana all across the country. My main focus is antique advertising, specifically transportation and gas and oil related items. I sit on the Youth Engagement Board of The Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA), a 60,000-member organization that exists to further the hobby of collecting, and driving classic cars. I also serve as a social media chair for The Automobile License Plate Collectors Association (ALPCA), a 3,000-member organization that exists to further the license plate collecting aspect of the automobilia hobby. Through these experiences and my time at U of I, I have learned many things that I hope will help me to pursue a career in the antique industry and I look forward to sharing some of those things on my blog.

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Nicole, junior from Arcadia, CA – Hello! As an out-of-state student, I have been able to maximize my time here at Illinois and find a home within the College of Business. NicoleI am majoring in Accountancy and Finance with a Management minor.  On campus, I am involved in numerous organizations that have shaped who I am today, such as the Business Honors Program, Phi Chi Theta Business Fraternity, and Kappa Kappa Gamma Social Sorority. I am also a Project Manager for OTCR Consulting, a student-run consulting firm that consults for real-world clients. Finally, I am involved in Illinois Enactus, an organization working to empower need-groups through entrepreneurial actions and sustainable change. I spent the Spring 2016 semester studying abroad in Vallendar, Germany, and traveling around Europe. My experiences on campus and abroad have taught me a lot and I am excited to share those lessons with all of you!

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Former Bloggers

Hi! I am currently a junior studying Accounting in the College of Business. I also serve as Vice President of the James Scholar Executive Committee, am a consultant for Students Consulting for Non-Profit organizations, and am heavily involved in my social fraternity. I enjoy playing basketball, softball, and recently came in first place in my fantasy baseball league! I am very passionate about mentorship and helping out other students so I would love to answer any specific questions.

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Hello! I am a graduate student in the Masters of Accounting Science program with a concentration in Information Technology & Control. During my undergraduate career at the U of I, I double majored in Accounting and Finance. I gained numerous leadership opportunities through my involvement in Business Council and the Business Honors Program. U of I has served as my “home away from home” and has helped shape my professional career and personal aspirations.

 Maximizing Your Internship Experience

I am very excited to be a blogger and to help with this cause! I am a senior double majoring in Accounting and Finance, with a minor in the Hoeft Technology and Management Program. I am also involved in the Business Honors Program and a variety of organizations on campus that have helped me become the professional and individual I am today.

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