In the preface, Professor Bedford comments on the success of the department, citing “the success of the faculty in sensing the ever changing accounting information needs of business, governments, individuals, and other entities of society underlies much of the success of the Department.  Equally important are the continuous actions of the faculty in developing contacts to become aware of those changing attitudes, activities, and aspirations of both preparers and users of accounting information.  The third contributing factor to the long-term success of the Department is the ability of the faculty to translate the accumulated knowledge about information needs and the aspirations of preparers and users of accounting information into concepts, methods, and standards for education students.”

Heads of the Department of Accountancy

Hiram Scovill (1953 transition year)
C. A. Moyer (1953-1965)
E. J. DeMaris (1965-1974)
Norton M. Bedford (1974-1981)
Frederick L. Neumann (1981-1986)
Lawrence A. Tomassini (1987-1993)
Andrew D. Bailey, Jr. (1995-1997)
Eugene Willis (1997-2001)
Ira Solomon (2001-2011)
Jon Davis (2012-present)

Accounting Hall of Fame Illinois Alumni

Hiram Thompson Scovill (1954)
Ananias Charles Littleton (1956)
Andrew Barr (1963)
Lloyd Morey (1963)
Paul Franklin Grady (1964)
John William Queenan (1976)
Robert Kuhn Mautz (1978)
Norton Moore Bedford (1988)
Charles A. Bowsher (1996)
Arthur Ramer Wyatt (1998)
Nicholas Dopuch (2001)