For over a century, the College has educated the best and brightest. We’ve advanced from the fields of public utilities and transportation in the Progressive Era to social entrepreneurship and big data in the Digital Age. We’ve established one of the top accountancy programs in the nation. We’ve built global relationships in countries like China, India, and Brazil. Through changes in programming, administration, and technology, the College of Business has maintained its excellence as a premier institution within the University—and around the world.

Read through alumni memories below, or leave your own special message!


Marilyn “Hunter” Williams Shimkus ‘42, Business

“As I remember, the WWII Class of 1942 June graduation contained approximately 200 men and only 12 women.”

John McBride ‘47, Accountancy

“When I enrolled in the College of Commerce in the fall of 1940, I soon discovered that it was not a good place to meet girls. Very few coeds were taking business courses at that time.”

Sheldon L. Eichen ‘50, Business

“I arrived on campus at the end of January 1947 and was living in the football stadium my first semester. I remember the long, cold walk to the College of Commerce! The best part was that my tuition was $80.00 a semester.”

Edmund R. Meyer I ‘51, Management

“I have many wonderful memories and “thank yous” from my four years spent at the University of Illinois. I enrolled in the fall of 1947 and graduated in June 1951. I went into the US Army as a participant in the Korean War. I returned in August 1953, enrolled in Finance at Northwestern University for graduate studies thanks to the GI Bill. I passed the CPA exam on my first try. Thanks to the University of Illinois and Northwestern, I had a successful business, retiring as VP of Corporate Finance and CFO. To sum it up – the best four years of my life!”

Hale A. Newcomer ‘51, Marketing; ‘57 Business Administration

“I remember acting as head Cheerleader in 1950-1951 and introducing to the fans the first girl cheerleaders at Illinois. I got both my BS and PhD at Illinois.”

Jack E. Bowsher ‘53, Accounting

“I met my wife in the Business Library in 1953. She graduated in 1956 in Commercial Teaching. A Class of 1953 Accounting major authored a book, Revolutionizing Workforce Performance: A systems approach to mastery of learning and performance (IBM executive).” (Editor’s note: Jack was the author of Revolutionizing Workforce Performance: A systems approach to mastery.)


Charles E. Finn ‘55, Marketing

“I remember being part of the BAC / DBC group for 15 years, Chair 4 years (1996-2012); and working with 3 deans: Thomas, Ghosh, and DeBrock. I remember working with Dean Ghosh, assisting in raising funds to build BIF. Our Dean’s Business Council raised over $2.5 million in the total of $100 million raised!”

John A. Bedenbaugh ‘56, Business

“Two accounting professors, Robert Mautz & Arthur Wyatt: They were absolutely great (most excellent)! I liked the campus – friendly students, beautiful campus buildings with grounds – SUPERIOR. Beautiful weather, too!”

John P. Vacketta ‘56, Accountancy

“I graduated in 1956 and had five job offers. It’s a great testimony to the fine education one receives at the University of Illinois.”

Robert Arnold ‘59, Accountancy

“Dr. Perry was the person who made accounting interesting, challenging, engaging, and ultimately my vocation. He was my professor in the fall of 1956. I was saddened by his passing a while back.”

David Boling ‘59, Finance

“My father, Harold A. Boling, was in the Class of 1929; my brother, Robert T. Boling, was in the Class of 1963.”

Robert E. Dunworth ‘59, Accountancy

“I took Professor Ken Perry’s CPA Coaching course for the 1959 exam, the first time the course was offered. He was a wonderful instructor.”

Susan Stover Smart ‘60, Accountancy

“I was the only female student in most of my business classes.”

Richard George ‘61, ‘62, Accountancy

“Professor Ken Perry in the CPA Review course drilled all of us and was constantly saying, ‘Stay alive with 75’ – which was the minimum we could get on each section of the CPA exam and pass. Professor Perry was unique. He genuinely liked students, although he was a very tough grader. He stayed interested in students’ careers after they left and was active in helping recruit students for Illinois – an outstanding individual. Along with Professor Norton Bedford, the Accounting Department in the School of Commerce (as it was called then) was both outstanding and exciting.”

Wayne J. Johnson ‘61, Marketing

“I was a Korean War veteran and decided to get an education. I went to Navy Pier for the first two years, then to Champaign. It changed my life – thank you, University of Illinois. I always enjoyed the football weekends. The real spirit of college comes out with the tremendous enthusiasm!!”

Ronald Larner ‘61, Business

“Taking courses in the basement of David Kinley Hall is my favorite memory. Life was different in the basement; nearly all of us knew each other and worked toward common goals. Elizabeth Melson was my outstanding instructor. She was in the business education/secretarial department. She taught prospective teachers not only teaching skills but also proper grammar, ethics, and setting a high standard for yourself and striving to attain it. I am saddened that teacher education is no longer a part of the College of Business, but I feel that I learned a great deal that made me a successful educator. My life at the University of Illinois is a very fond memory.”

Linda Kannmacher Braddock ‘61, Commercial Teaching

“Ralph Mason started a work/study program, usually putting a student to work in a university office. Mine was with ID Pierson in Student Activities. My sister Judy (McConchic) and I were early participants, allowing us to afford college along with a helpful scholarship.”

Sidney Cohen ‘62, Business Administration

“I was the first out-of-state student to graduate from the Graduate School of Business Administration. In those days we had small classes. The administration had staffed the teaching professors with the best of the various departments. Hence, we received the “cream of the crop” in educators. Dean Louis Volpe was the inspiration and reason for the success of the Graduate School of Business Administration program. I almost followed him to Duke (as I remember) when I graduated and he was planning to move. Many memories are too numerous to mention here—all good.”

James H. Houston ‘64, MBA

“Dean Charles M. Thompson, while in retirement, encouraged me to attend the University of Illinois Graduate School of Business Administration. I remember the opportunity to study under excellent professors with business experience as well as academic quality. Many were especially recruited for the GSBA.”

Marilyn (Neumann) McGregor ‘64, Accountancy

“Best Accountancy Professors: Art Wyatt & Ken Perry.”

Morgan Lynge ‘65, Finance

“At the end of the MBA program in 1965 I recall walking into the “Placement Office” in 101 DKH. There, students could sign up on clipboards hanging on the wall for company interviews. Each clipboard was for a different company, and most of the large Fortune 500 companies were represented. It was pretty easy to get an interview, and then a ‘plant trip,’ and even a job offer. Getting a job was sure different in 1965 when about 5,000 MBAs were produced in the US each year instead of 75,000 or more per year now! But we now have the ability in recent decades to attract the ‘best and the brightest’ incoming students.”

Loren E. Schroll ‘65, ‘66, Accountancy

“Professor Ken Perry was the author & teacher of the CPA Review Course who led 50% of his students to pass the entire CPA exam on the first try. More of his students received national & state CPA Exam honors than any other university, which had to be a main factor in Illinois’ #1 Accounting School rating for years, beating out Texas year after year. He showed up at the exam to cheer us on! I credit his teaching for the National Honorable Mention and Illinois Silver Medal I received. RIP Prof. Ken!”

Richard Schultz ‘65, ‘66, Accountancy

“I believe that the Accountancy faculty in the mid-1960s added greatly to the world-wide reputation of the College. Prime, in my view, among many of the faculty were Art Wyatt, Ken Perry, and Norton Bedford. They were the reason the College had the #1 ranking in both undergraduate and graduate accountancy education.”

Robert Beabout ‘66, Industrial Administration

“My best College of Business memory is Econ 360: Regional Economic Development. The course opened my eyes to the importance of freedom of movement. This was a study of the circumstances surrounding the decision where the first railroad bridge across the Mississippi River would be built. St. Louis was the first choice because it lined up with the National Road. City fathers rejected the idea because they feared it would have a negative impact on their businesses, developed by the necessity to load and unload barges to pass around the chain of rocks. The first bridge went across at the Quad Cities area. The result was the growth of Chicago and stagnation of St. Louis. This story has stuck with me because I was raised in Casey, IL, on the National Road, and I watched the same effects with the development of Denver International Airport 20 years ago. My best University of Illinois memories are the friends I made. One of those friends had a good job waiting for me in Colorado, as soon as I graduated.”

Dr. Frank Doti, Professor of Law & Foley Chair of Taxation in Law ‘66, Accountancy

“While I was an Accountancy major in 1966, Professor Snyder, who taught Federal Tax Accounting, had us write a research paper. I used the University of Illinois Law School Library to do the research. I got hooked on law study and went on to law school because of that moment.”

Joseph Olszewski ‘66, Accountancy

“The difficulty of the Hourly and Final exams and the professors I had who had prior business experience before teaching in the University of Illinois business school made the College special to me. Initially, I wanted to major in Marketing, but a few of my high school friends, who were also at the University of Illinois, convinced me to change my major to Accounting. At the time, the professor I had for my first two Accounting classes was also outstanding and helped me those classes in my freshman year.”

Daniel Houmes ‘68, Finance

“The quality, experience, and wisdom of the faculty is integral to the College of Business story.”

Paul Monczynski ‘69, MBA

“The faculty members associated with my MBA class: I liked almost every one of them and all were concerned about the students. Most of them were real ‘characters’ with distinct, interesting personalities. At some point the College of Business decided to put a major emphasis on quantitative technique as a matter of Curriculum policy. That generated a ‘reputation’ for precision in decision making. That in turn generated a respect for the graduates.”

Kent Tucker ‘69, Industrial Administration

“Charles Linke, Kendrith Rowland, T. Emerson Cammack: all were influential professors. My grandfather, William E. Hord, helped to build David Kinley Hall.”

Dennis Joseph ‘70, Accountancy

“The faculty in the graduate accounting department were world known and respected when I attended in 1968-1970: Norton Bedford, Bob Mautz, Ken Perry, Vern Zimmerman, Don Skadden, etc. It was tough, but I received my master’s degree in accounting science. That degree has been highly respected my entire lifetime and I cannot thank those professors and the University of Illinois enough for what I received. Teaching as a TA, I wound up going into full-time teaching at Kings College, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania for three years after my graduation. I wound up being in over my head when admitted to the graduate program in Accountancy coming from a small college in North Dakota, but the experience was life changing!”

James Cook ‘71, Accountancy

“Professor Ken Perry was an inspiration to hundreds (perhaps thousands) of CPA exam candidates with his can-do attitude and practical approach to passing the CPA exam. There are many accountancy graduates who owe much of their early career success to him. He also did much to firmly establish the reputation of the College as a leading accountancy institution. My only regret in singling out Ken Perry is to not highlight many other great professors who also did much to enhance the reputation of the College and brighten the futures of students. My second pick? Professor Robert K Mautz. Meeting my future wife, Donna Smejkal, in the waiting room of the career center on the second floor of DKH in the spring of 1971 is a great memory. A second great memory is leading the Accountancy Lyceum with my daughter Pam (BS 2007, MS 2008) in the first few years after her graduation.”

Dr. Bruce I. Newman ‘71, Marketing; ‘78, ‘81, Business Administration

“I remember sitting in Dean Vernon Zimmerman’s office as a transfer student my sophomore year, requesting special permission to drop computer science because it was too difficult. He granted me that permission in 1971 and hooded me at my PhD graduation in 1981.”

Janice Gintzler, ‘72 Business, ‘82 MBA

“I remember the breaks during three-hour classes at Chicago Circle, when we could actually talk and get to know each other. Also, the afternoon I spent at the career center and found out that the father of two of my students was the chairman of a company I had sent a resume to. So I gave him a call—and was hired!”

Robert Standring ‘74, Business Administration

“I never knew how good the College of Business at the University of Illinois was until I was out of school for about 10 years. Growing up and remaining in the Chicagoland area, there are thousands of University of Illinois Business Alumni who are a great source for networking and socializing. I’m very lucky to be a part of it. Congratulations on 100 years of the College of Business! The class that was most beneficial to me and my career was the Business Writing class. Shortly after graduation (40 years ago), I started in the Insurance Business and have remained as a self-employed broker ever since. To be able to communicate – either orally or through written expression – is the key!”


Craig M. Johnson ‘75, Finance

“I cannot think of two more influential individuals in the College of Business at Illinois than Dean Emerson Cammack and Dean John Hedeman. Dean Cammack was a mentor and always had the students’ best interests at heart. Dean Hedeman demonstrated the exact same principles. Dean Cammack advised me from 1971 through 1975 and Dean Hedeman Advised my son, Ryan, Class of 2012 37 years later. Ryan and I are forever grateful for the influence both Deans Cammack and Hedeman had on our lives.”

David G. Powless ‘75, Accountancy

“I remember Paul Franklin Grady, Arthur Wyatt, Kenneth Perry, Emmerson Cammack, Phillip Fess, Norton Bedford.”

Barbara Ruscetta Johannesen ‘76, Business Administration

“A favorite memory is from Professor Emerson Cammack’s Insurance class. When discussing the term “beneficiary” from a life insurance perspective, Professor Cammack joked that undecided policyholders were welcome to add his name to their policies. I think of him every time the topic of life insurance comes up. He was a great lecturer.”

Mark Leisen, CPA, ‘76, Accountancy

“Professor Kenneth Perry was responsible for helping thousands of accounting students achieve the status of Certified Public Accountant thanks to his CPA Review classes. The man was a legend: great teacher and motivator.”

Gregory Winters ‘76, Accountancy

“I am biased, but I think the persons most integral to the College story are the professors of the School of Accountancy. They have made Illinois the number one accounting school in the country for all these many years. I will always be proud to be graduate of this school.”

Howard Fields ‘77, Finance

“I remember watching the accounting majors shuffle out of the Intermediate Accounting final, sure that they would have to choose a new major. I had the joy of being a Finance major without that pressure.”

Chad Hageman ‘77, Marketing

“I remember working with Dean Cammack.”

Jeffrey Johanns ‘77, Accountancy

“Professor Ken Perry frequently said, ‘Boys and girls, there are a lot of ways to [solve an accounting problem], but if it were me, I would do it the easy way.”

Rich Schroeder ‘77, Accountancy

“Everyone’s favorite, KWP! ‘DO IT THE EASY WAY.’ Also, Maureen Berry talked me into staying in Accounting when I was struggling with Intermediate.”

Steve Bond ‘79 Marketing

“The tenure of Dean Cammack was the most incredible positive thing for the department. He was stern but compassionate. I owe my career to Emerson Cammack!”

Mary McCormick ‘79, Accountancy

“I had the pleasure of taking Professor Ken Perry’s CPA review class in my senior year. He was an amazing guy and somehow he taught me what I needed to know to become a CPA. He made accounting memorable and fun. He helped so many of us over the years. He deserves to be in the College of Business Hall of Fame. Thanks for considering Ken Perry.”

Shirley Murphy Whitmore ‘79, Accountancy

“Ken Perry was a great person and helped many students mold their careers. I remember one year he had the top two people who had taken the CPA exams. At the age of 40, I went back to get my degree in accounting. I sat in the first row of his lectures. He was very fast and competent. He always went the extra mile for any help one needed after class. He even wrote the accounting book. I’m sure many, many others will bring up his name.”

Ronald (Ron) Domanico ‘80, Business Administration; ‘81 MBA

“Internal Impact: Dean Emerson Cammack – visionary leader of the College during a transformative era. External Impact: Dr. Julian Simon – changed the way students thought about people as ‘the ultimate resource’ when the world was concerned about overpopulation and resource scarcity. Also, learning business from Mr. Barnett, owner of Barnett’s Liquor in Champaign-Urbana, taught me the practical application of all the great theory taught in other classes.”

Randy Rochman ‘80, Accountancy

“Phil Fess and Khalid Razaki, a TA, were both very inspirational and motivating. Razaki kept me motivated to do well and prepared for both Accounting 208 and 266. I remember challenging Professor Phil Fess to a tennis game to determine how much homework the class would have. Needless to say, he won and we did excess homework.”

Paul Wedeen ‘80, Finance

“Dean Emerson Cammack was the defining figure of the College during (and after) my tenure.”

Eric Novak ‘81 Business Administration; ‘83 MBA

“I remember the faculty, especially Professors Uselding, Winter, and Sudman.”

Valentina Crabtree Gregory ‘82, Business Administration

“I remember the University of Illinois Business Computer Lab circa 1978, and dear Plato in the language lab. Having attended the University of Illinois in the late 1970s-early 80s, when the world wide web was just a Defense Department dream, and laptops were a twinkle in IBM’s eye, I nominate the business school’s state-of-the art computer lab in 1978. I remember typing out cards containing my rudimentary Fortran code, numbering them carefully lest the massive deck should fall to disarray, and going to the lab very late or very early to avoid the long lines to use the equipment. Right after that, I’d go to the Plato lab for my foreign language lab, marveling at the dinner-plate sized floppy disks that made my amber tutor run. To this day, when I crack open my laptop and beam up my iPhone I smile and remember technology past at the University of Illinois.”

Robert L. Wegner ‘83, Business Administration

“I remember winning the election to the Faculty-Student Senate, and Professor Richard Hill’s ‘real world’ BA 202 lectures assuring us that Sales is a ‘good place to be’ and that most of us will likely start our careers there. He was right on all counts.”

Darrell Nolan ‘81, Business Administration

“I remember Professor Gottheil’s ECON 101 courses of 800 students held in Lincoln Hall Auditorium. He kept the attention and encouraged the participation of such a large assembly of students as he discussed ‘guns and butter’ with us. He would frequently run out of ink in his markers for the overhead projector and would solicit help from the students to toss a marker down to the stage for him to try. He was also a presidential advisor on economics and would occasionally take leave to go to Washington.”

Timothy C. Gerten, ‘85, Accountancy

“The Accountancy Department’s top ranking for nearly two decades, including the four years I attended from 1981-1985. This was the primary reason I chose the University of Illinois and it has served me well over my career. Every major company understands the quality education and business skills attained by accounting graduates from the University of Illinois. It is the gold standard for our profession.”

Mark Sternberg ‘85, Accountancy

“I remember Dean Cammack’s office at 214 DKH. How he ever found anything was quite amazing. I also remember Professor Perry’s accent as he ‘real quicklike’ moved us through his CPA review course.”

Teruo Yamamoto ‘85, MBA

“I remember Accounting professional alumni, the Commerce Building, and College Football. What I learned from the courses of corporate finance and decision science were useful to my career over 28 years after graduation.”

Tim Hohulin ‘86, Accountancy

“In my senior year as I was walking into the place where the CPA exam was being administered, Professor Ken Perry was there cheering us all on and telling us, in his famous words, to ‘go the distance.’ Thanks to his great instruction and passion for accounting, I was able to pass the CPA exam that first time. I filled out the standard College of Business resume which, at the time, was two-sided and even had a place for a picture. To this day I have not needed another formal resume. I got my accounting degree, moved to Chicago, and have been with Ernst & Young ever since. The College of Business prepared me ideally for my career!”

Brannon Champagne ‘87, Business Administration

“I remember being part of the IDM Program in its formative years. It was a great program that opened many doors in my career. Dr. Hill had the passion to launch that program. I always enjoyed his classes. Also, the career center helped to coordinate interviews and was instrumental my career. The strength of the Business Program helped me secure my first position out of school and has provided the foundation for my career.”

Sandra Jones ‘87, MBA

“I remember Seymour Sudman and the creation of AMA, the early years/profs in marketing, research and Advertising.”

W. Randall Kangas ‘88, MS, ‘96, PhD

“I would like to thank Dr. Stephen D’Arcy; he was my graduate advisor and we still keep in touch. I don’t know that I have met many who had a better understanding of how to successfully navigate academia. I would not be where I am without his thoughts, wisdom, and guidance.”

Marcy Good ‘90, Finance

“I remember Dean Cammack – from his 100% final Insurance class to his wonderful 1-on-1 counseling and great advice as a Dean. Also, having the opportunity to join the business fraternity of Delta Sigma Pi was my favorite memory. I made lifelong friends and enjoyed a wonderful mixing of business/social activities in college.”

Tracy Silverman ‘90, Accountancy

“My favorite memory is a college advisory appointment with Dean Cammack. At the time, I was in LAS and had so many credits in business classes that I needed to transfer into the College of Business. That process is different today, but back then, we made an appointment to see the dean. His desk was massive and I felt so intimidated! Dean Cammack immediately welcomed me in and provided an easygoing atmosphere for me to explain my wishes to transfer. I was happily surprised that he was such an approachable faculty member! Because of him, I was able to declare my major in accountancy, pass the CPA, and obtain employment ever since. He truly is to thank for my career path. In addition, although the Business Instructional Facility was constructed many years after I left, I am vicariously enjoying it as I have two kids in the College enjoying the fruits of this amazing instructional center. Hearing how they participate in career development and business education at such an impressive campus landmark only perpetuates the reputation of business excellence at UIUC for another 100 years.”

Warren Stippich Jr. ‘90, Accountancy

“Emerson Cammack and Richard Ziegler were huge influences on students and me. I’m proud to be a Board of Directors member of the College of Business Alumni Association. I also am active on campus with recruiting and sit on the Accountancy Advisory Board.”

Norman “Mac” MacGregor ‘91, MBA

“I believe that Tom Trone, professor in the MBA program in the nineties, should be noted for his concern for students, his excellent teaching skills, and his involvement in the local and Illinois business community. Tom has encouraged many, many individuals to earn an MBA at the University of Illinois.”

Kyle Smith ‘93, MBA

“In my undergrad years at the University of Illinois (Architecture studies), the only class I ever dropped was an elective business class, when I found out that TEAM WORK would be involved (‘No way! Not me!’). After working in the world for a few years and going back for an MBA, the team aspect was my favorite part of the learning experience! It was such a well run MBA program. When starting the MBA program in 1991, I believe that the graduating class before us was the first to hold a ‘Capstone’ event at Allerton Park. Our class repeated that, and also held an overnight camping New Student week before starting classes. Both events created real team bonding and unity. Also, having G. Gordon Liddy speak at our MBA class of 1993 Capstone Event is a great memory.”


Mike Campbell ‘95, Finance

“The legendary former CEO of GE, Jack Welch, received his master’s degree and PhD from the University of Illinois.”

Mary Beesley ‘99, Accountancy

“Most people remember the name of their first grade teacher, but how many remember the names of their college professors? I will never forget having Art Wyatt as an accountancy professor. How many students can say that they had a professor who is a member of the ‘Accountancy Hall of Fame’? He is a genius and an amazing, inspiring instructor.”

Anjay Nagpal ‘99, Finance

“David Sinow’s Personal Wealth Management class was instrumental in my personal growth. This course has practical applications for everyone and should be mandatory for all students. The basic tenets of personal finance taught in this class helped me through personal highs and lows and I’m not sure I would be where I am now without it.”

Dingkun Ge ‘01, ‘03, Business Administration

“I remember Prof. Kent Monroe, Prof. Joseph Mahoney, and the Kauffman Scholar Program.”

Ario Tabrizi ‘02, Accountancy

“I remember having Arthur Wyatt as my accounting professor. Not many students can say that someone from the Accounting Hall of fame taught their class! Generally speaking, I think the College’s impact and influence in the business world (and community) should be reflected in its history. The College of Business has not only produced some of the business world’s most influential leaders of today, it has also impacted the way business is conducted. Illinois is always a step ahead and it has continuously changed to have one step ahead of the needs of today’s professional. Reflecting upon Illinois’ commitment to community will help illustrate how it truly makes a difference in the world. There is a brother- and sisterhood that will always exist within our hearts. That spiritual connection is what keeps us connected to the university for a lifetime! Happy 100, Illinois!”

Matthew Aranha ‘04, MBA

“Important to the College story is Thomas Siebel, MBA alumnus and founder/CEO of C3 Energy.”

Nisa Agrawal ‘08, Accountancy and Business Administration

“I think it’s important to highlight the development of BIF because a) all top business institutions have developed state-of-the-art facilities in the past several years that demonstrated a commitment to research/growth in the field of business; and b) BIF really showcases the inclusive nature of the College of Business, inclusive of the flat organizational structure (e.g. it was wonderful to see Deans and professors walking around/talking to students within BIF). Also, I really enjoyed the opportunity to work with the Office of Undergraduate Affairs on organizing the Social Entrepreneurship Summer Institute. I felt that establishing this institute allowed us to showcase that the College of Business was/is committed to giving back to the community, furthering the mission of social entrepreneurship, and showing that the College of Business is renowned for more than just its stellar Accountancy program.”

David Crow ‘08, Business Administration

“I remember the Hoefts and their gift of the T&M Program. Sadly, Leonard passed away recently. I also remember the case competition with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST).”

Jan Dux ‘08, MBA

“I remember the 2008 alumni homecoming event and the game at the Urbana-Champaign campus/stadium. Also important to me were integration, networking and faculty professors.”

Puttikul Ackarachalanonth ‘09, Finance

“Important to the College story is Illinois Business Consulting (IBC).”

Angela Randle ‘09, ‘10, Accountancy

“I remember Dean Ghosh, David Kinley Hall, BIF, Fall & Spring Career Fairs, Business 101, and the Honors Program. I also remember my study abroad trip to Germany and Poland in my freshman year.”

Paul Ripsky ‘09 Accountancy and Finance

“I remember Dean John Hedeman and the creation of the Business Honors Program in 2008.”

Sophia Wu ‘09, Accountancy

“I was one of the first students who stepped into BIF in 2008. Though I do not remember the exact date, it was the start of a new term and the day was beautiful. I got up early in the morning for an early class. I just suddenly decided that I would not wait for the bus, but that I should walk to BIF! The gate was still closed when I arrived; when I started to push open the door, I heard someone calling to me. He looked like an officer in BIF carrying a camera. ‘Congratulations! You are the first student to step into BIF,’ he told me. I hardly believed what I heard. How lucky was I in arriving just 15 minutes ahead of other people. I became part of the history of BIF. Together with two other students, we took a historical picture, and I believe the picture was showed in BIF. We three, the early birds who arrived maybe just a few minutes early, were the very first students to enter BIF, and became part of the history of the College of Business.”

Rongnan Li ‘10, Finance

“I remember the Market Information Lab and Business Frat Rush.”

Christina Dorn ‘12, Marketing and International Business

“Dean Mullins: I attended the College of Business from 2008 to 2012 and I felt that Dean Mullins was always introducing something new, like updating information on Facebook, to always keep students interested and engaged in College of Business events!”

Lauren Langhammer ‘12, Accountancy

“I firmly believe that John Hedeman and the story of the establishment of the Business Honors Program is integral to the College story. The 2014 recruiting will be for the 10th honors class, and the immense amount of work that Dean Hedeman put into the program before moving to Kansas with his wife is truly evident when you look at how much the program has grown, in addition to everything that the students and alumni have accomplished.”

Nina Pesch ‘12, Management

“Espresso Royale in BIF! Just kidding…although I do love it. Honestly, it was many things combined that made my College of Business experience tremendously valuable and unforgettable. Without the legacy that was built before me, the talented professors, counselors, and staff, and the brilliant, eclectic mix of students, the College would not have made such a profound impact on me and many others. During my senior year, I had almost all major-specific classes and had a great experience collaborating with other College of Business students and professors. I was studying the things I loved and felt that I excelled the most during that year. It was then that I became the most confident that I had chosen the right college, the right major, and would be on the right career path upon graduation.”

Divey Gulati ‘13, MBA

“I remember the Global Consulting Program trip to Brazil.”

Caitlin Riederer ‘13, Finance and Accountancy

“Mark Vonnahme – his legacy as an alumni, an outstanding professor, and the Director of the MSF program is very inspiring!”