Measurement Error and Research Design


Madhu Viswanathan


Sage Publications, February 2005




Foreword to Book by Prof. Richard P. Bagozzi


Preface to Book


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Table of Contents


Sample Chapters


Suggestions for using the book in courses (will be updated frequently)


My course on Empirical Research Methods in Fall 2005


Datasets (Excel) and Output files (SPSS) for PNI Scale

Internal consistency dataset

Internal consistency 20 item output

Recoded internal consistency dataset

Internal consistency 19 item output

Internal consistency 18 item output

Internal consistency 10 item output

Internal consistency 5 item output

Exploratory factor analysis dataset

Recoded exploratory factor analysis dataset

Exploratory factor analysis output without rotation

Exploratory factor analysis output with rotation

Test-retest reliability dataset

Recoded test-retest reliability dataset

Test-retest reliability output


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