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Enabling Consumer and Entrepreneurial Literacy in Subsistence Marketplaces

Research-Based Education Across Literacy and Resource Barriers

Madhu Viswanathan, University of Illinois, Champaign, IL, USA

S. Gajendiran and R. Venkatesan, Marketplace Literacy Project (www.marketplaceliteracy.org) & SDV Educational Trust, Chennai, India


This book describes an innovative consumer and entrepreneurial literacy educational program for low-literate, low-income adults currently offered in India.  It discusses research that forms the basis for program, issues in the development of the educational program, and implications for research and practice in education and business.  Whereas there has been considerable attention on micro-financing and on trade or vocational literacy in subsistence contexts, the focus of the book on enabling generic skills about the marketplace complements these important approaches.  The book specifically examines two sides to the equation when studying subsistence marketplaces, viewing individuals as both consumers and entrepreneurs.  It is a timely addition to the nascent literature in a number of related areas such as social entrepreneurship and business at the bottom of the pyramid.  It is targeted to researchers and educators, as well as practitioners in governmental and non-governmental organizations and businesses working in subsistence contexts.


Expected in the Fall of 2007

 Hardcover, 250 p.

Education in the Asia-Pacific Region: Issues, Concerns and Prospects, Volume 12