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2011 Working Papers

11-0107   Jack A. Nickerson, C. James Yen, and Joseph T. Mahoney
  Exploring the Problem-Finding and Problem-Solving Approach for Designing Organizations
  Abstract   Full Text

11-0106   Mahka Moeen, Deepak Somaya, and Joseph T. Mahoney
  Supply Portfolio Concentration in Outsourced Knowledge-Based Services
  Abstract   Full Text

11-0105   Ravi Madhavan and Joseph T. Mahoney
  Evidence-Based Management in "Macro" Areas: The Case of Strategic Management
  Abstract   Full Text

11-0104   Ruth V. Aguilera, Luiz Ricardo Kabbach de Castro, Jun Ho Lee, and Jihae You
  Corporate Governance in Emerging Markets
  Abstract   Full Text

11-0103   Ruth V. Aguilera, Kurt A. Desender, and Luiz Ricardo Kabbach de Castro
  A Configurational Approach to Comparative Corporate Governance
  Abstract   Full Text

11-0102   Elahe Javadi, Judith Gebauer, and Joseph T. Mahoney
  The Impact of User Interface Design on Idea Integration in Electronic Brainstorming: An Attention-Based View
  Abstract   Full Text

11-0101   Peter G. Klein, Joseph T. Mahoney, Anita M. McGahan, and Christos N. Pitelis
  Resources, Capabilities, and Routines in Public Organization
  Abstract   Full Text

11-0100   Bertram C. Bruce, Jeanne M. Connell, Chris Higgins, and Joseph T. Mahoney
  The Discourse of Management and the Management of Discourse
  Abstract   Full Text