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2009 Working Papers

09-0107   Kurt A. Desender, Miguel A. Garcia-Cestona, Rafel Crespi, and Ruth V. Aguilera
  Board characteristics and audit fees: why ownership structure matters?
  Abstract   Full Text

09-0106   Peter G. Klein, Joseph T. Mahoney, Anita M. McGahan, and Christos N. Pitelis
  Toward a Theory of Public Entrepreneurship
  Abstract   Full Text

09-0105   Kurt A. Desender
  The relationship between the ownership structure and the role of the board
  Abstract   Full Text

09-0104   Joseph T. Mahoney and Lihong Qian
  Market Frictions, Governance and Economic Rents: Taking Stock and Looking Ahead
  Abstract   Full Text

09-0103   Steven C. Michael
  Monitoring Technical Agents: Theory, Evidence, and Prescriptions
  Abstract   Full Text

09-0102   Gregory B. Northcraft, Terri L. Griffith, and Mark A. Fuller
  Leaving Nothing to Chance: Modeling the Proactive Structuration of a New Technology
  Abstract   Full Text

09-0100   Matthew W. McCarter and Arran Caza
  Why do managers reinstate member privileges in organizations? Six motivations
  Abstract   Full Text