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2003 Working Papers

03-0113   Danchi Tan and Joseph T. Mahoney
  Examining the penrose effect in an international business context: the dynamics of japanese firm growth in u.s. industries
  Abstract   Full Text

03-0112   Maqbool Dada, Nicholas C. Petruzzi, and Leroy B. Schwarz
  A Newsvendor Model with Unreliable Suppliers
  Abstract   Full Text

03-0111   Qifang Xiao and Zhijie Xiao
  Estimating Average Economic Growth in Time Series Data with Persistency

03-0110   Ruth V. Aguilera, John C. Dencker, and Xavier Escandell
  Disentangling Embeddedness: An Analysis of Global Acquisitions in the 1990s

03-0109   Earl L. Grinols and Peri Silva
  Industrial Targeting and Free Trade Areas

03-0108   James A. Gentry, Frank K. Reilly, and Michael J. Sandretto
  Learning About Intrinsic Valuation With the Help of an Integrated Valuation Model
  Abstract   Full Text

03-0107   Ruth V. Aguilera and Yong Li
  Who Stays and Who Goes? A Theoretical model to Explain Director Turnover in Acquired Firms

03-0106   Michael G. Pratt, Kevin Rock, and Jeffrey B. Kaufmann
  Socialization, Multiple Identities, and Identity Customization: Towards a Model of Work-Identity Integrity

03-0104   Earl L. Grinols and Peri Silva
  An Enhancement of Modern Free Trade Area Theory

03-0103   Xiaowei Luo and Chi-Nien Chung
  Institutional Condition for Guanxi: The Social Organization of the Inner Circle and Business Group Performance in Taiwan, 1973 1996

03-0101   John F. Due
  A New Look at Urban Transit: Control vs. Market Approaches
  Abstract   Full Text

03-0100   Glenn Hoetker
  Confounded coefficients: Accurately comparing logit and probit coefficients across groups
  Abstract   Full Text