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2002 Working Papers

02-0130   Glenn Hoetker
  Do Modular Products Lead To Modular Organizations?
  Abstract   Full Text

02-0129   Danchi Tan and Joseph T. Mahoney
  An Empirical Investigation of Expatriate Utilization: Resource-based, Agency, and Transaction Costs Perspectives
  Abstract   Full Text

02-0128   Judith Gebauer, Michael J. Shaw, and Kexin (Katherine) Zhao
  The Efficacy of Mobile e-Procurement: A Pilot Study
  Abstract   Full Text

02-0127   Srinivas Bollapragada, Michael Bussieck, and Suman Mallik
  Scheduling Commerical Videotapes in Broadcast Television
  Abstract   Full Text

02-0126   Suman Mallik and Dilip Chhajed
  Optimal Temporal Product Introduction Strategies Under Valuation Changes and Learning
  Abstract   Full Text

02-0125   Hila Riemer, Suman Mallik, and Devanathan Sudharshan
  market Shares Follow the Zipf Distribution
  Abstract   Full Text

02-0123   Ruth C. King, Ravi Sen, and Mu Xia
  Impact of Web-based E-Commerce on Channel Strategy
  Abstract   Full Text

02-0122   Edmund Amann and Werner Baer
  Anchors Away: The Cost and Benefits of Brazil's Devaluation
  Abstract   Full Text

02-0121   Giovanni Facchini
  Why join a common market? The political economy of international factor mobility in a multi-country setting
  Abstract   Full Text

02-0120   Wilma Rose Q. Anton, George Deltas, and Madhu Khanna
  Incentives for Environmental Self-Regulation and Implications for Environmental Performance

02-0119   George E. Monahan, Nicholas C. Petruzzi, and Zhao Wen
  The Dynamic Pricing Problem from a Newsvendor's Perspective

02-0118   Ruth V. Aguilera and Gregory Jackson
  The Cross-National Diversity of Corporate Governance:

02-0117   Nicholas Petruzzi and George E. Monahan
  Managing Fashion Goods Inventories:
  Abstract   Full Text

02-0116   Danchi Tan and Joseph T. Mahoney
  The Utilization of Expatriates: An Agency and Transaction Costs Theory of Managerial Transfer from a Multinational Parent Company to its Foreign Affiliate

02-0115   Sung Min Kim and Joseph T. Mahoney
  Mutual Commitment to Support Exchange: Specific IT System as a Substitute for Managerial Hierarchy
  Abstract   Full Text

02-0114   Aykut Kibritcioglu
  Excessive Risk-Taking, Banking Sector Fragility, and Banking Crises
  Abstract   Full Text

02-0113   James A. Gentry and Robin W. Pratt
  Learning from Exemplary Teachers: Revision II

02-0112   Jan K. Brueckner
  Network Structure and Airline Scheduling
  Abstract   Full Text

02-0111   James A. Gentry, David T. Whitford, Theodore Sougiannis, and Shigeo Aoki
  Do Accounting Earnings or Free Cash Flows Provide a Better Estimate of Capital Gain Rates of Return on Stocks?
  Abstract   Full Text

02-0110   Steven R. Williams
  Equations on the Derivatives of an Initial Endowment-Competitive Equilibrium Mapping for an Exchange Economy
  Abstract   Full Text

02-0109   Anil K. Bera
  The ET Interview: Professor C.R. Rao

02-0108   Ruth V. Aguilera and Gregory Jackson
  The Cross-National Diversity of Corporate Governance: Dimensions and Determinants

02-0107   Jongwook Kim and Joseph T. Mahoney
  Property Rights Theory, Transaction Costs Theory, and Agency Theory: An Organizational Economics Approach

02-0106   Glenn Hoetker
  How Much you know versus how well I know you: Selecting a supplier for a technically innovative component

02-0105   Anand Swaminathan, Glenn Hoetker, and Will Mitchell
  Network Structure and Business Survival: The Case of U.S. Automobile Component Suppliers
  Abstract   Full Text

02-0104   Rajshree Agarwal and Barry L. Bayus
  The Market Evolution and Sales Take-Off of Product Innovations
  Abstract   Full Text

02-0103   Bisakha Sen, Rajshree Agarwal, and Richard Hofler
  Teenage Indulgence in Cigarettes, Alcohol and Marijuana: Evidence of a "Gateway" Effect
  Abstract   Full Text

02-0102   MB Sarkar, Raj Echambadi, Rajshree Agarwal, and Bisakha Sen
  The "when, where, and how" of entrant survival: the effects of knowledge regime, technological intensity and start-up size on new venture survival
  Abstract   Full Text

02-0101   Rajshree Agarwal, Raj Echambadi, April M. Franco, and MB Sarkar
  Knowledge transfer through congenital learning: spin-out generation, growth and survival
  Abstract   Full Text

02-0100   Aykut Kibritçioğlu
  On the smithian origins of "new" trade and growth theories