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2001 Working Papers

01-0130   Jongwook Kim and Joseph T. Mahoney
  Resource-Based and Property Rights Perspectives on Value Creation: The Case of Oil Field Unitization

01-0129   Yasemin Y. Kor and Joseph T. Mahoney
  Performance Outcomes of Resource Deployment Strategies, Top Management Experience and Corporate Governance

01-0128   Stefan Krasa and Steven R. Williams
  Limited Observability as a Constrint in Contract Design
  Abstract   Full Text

01-0127   Rao Aiyagari, Albert Marcet, Thomas Sargent, and Juha Seppala
  Optimal Taxation Without State-Contingent Debt
  Abstract   Full Text

01-0126   George Deltas
  Over-Investment in Partially Relationship-Specific Assets

01-0125   James A. Gentry and Robin Pratt
  Learning From Exemplary Teachers (Revised)

01-0124   Baris Yalabik, Nicholas C. Petruzzi, and Dilip Chhajed
  An Integrated Product Returns Model With Logistics and Marketing Coordination

01-0122   George Deltas and Gregor Van Der beek
  A Structural Model of Intra European Union Transfers With an application to the Eastern Enlargement

01-0121   Aykut Kibritcioglu and Selahattin Dibooglu
  Long-Run Economic Growth: An Interdisciplinary Approach
  Abstract   Full Text

01-0120   Joseph T. Mahoney
  A Resource-Based Theory of Sustainable Rents

01-0119   Anil K. Bera and Sangwhan Kim
  Testing Constancy of Correlation and Other Specifications of the BGARCH Model With an Application to International Equity Returns (Revised)

01-0118   Anil K. Bera and Gamini Premaratne
  Modeling Asymmetry and Excess Kurtosis in Stock Return Data (Revised)
  Abstract   Full Text

01-0117   Anil K. Bera and Gamini Premaratne
  A Test for Asymmetry with Leptokurtic Financial Data
  Abstract   Full Text

01-0116   Anil K. Bera and Gamini Premaratne
  Adjusting the Tests for Skewness and Kurtosis for Distributional Misspecifications
  Abstract   Full Text

01-0115   Aykut Kibritcioglu
  Causes of Inflation in Turkey: A Literature Survey with Special Reference to Theories of Inflation
  Abstract   Full Text

01-0114   Werner Baer, Pedro Elosegui, and Andres Gallo
  The Achievements and Failures of Argentina's Neo-Liberal Economic Policies

01-0113   Salim Rashid
  Can There Be a Theory of Money?
  Abstract   Full Text

01-0112   Selahattin Dibooglu and Aykut Kibritcioglu
  Inflation, Output, and Stabilization in a High Inflation Economy: Turkey, 1980 - 2000
  Abstract   Full Text

01-0111   George Deltas and GiSeung Kim
  A Markov Based Entry-Exit Decomposition of Male/Female Employment Rate Differences Over the Life-Cycle

01-0110   Bart Taub and Hector Chade
  Segmented Risk Sharing in a Continuous-Time Setting

01-0109   Bart Taub
  Search Without Replacement

01-0108   Bart Taub
  Private-Information Insurance Contracts in Continuous Time
  Abstract   Full Text

01-0107   Bart Taub
  Hidden Markov Models of Strategic Information Control
  Abstract   Full Text

01-0106   Madhu Viswanathan and James Harris
  Effects of Functional Illiteracy on Consumer Behavior: The Dark Side of Consumer Decision-Making (Revised)

01-0105   James A. Gentry and Robin Pratt
  Learning from Exemplary Teachers

01-0104   Anil K. Bera and Yannis Bilias
  The MM, ME, ML, EL, EF and GMN Approaches to Estimation: A Synthesis

01-0103   Anil K. Bera and Aurobindo Ghosh
  Neyman's Smooth Test and Its Applications in Econometrics

01-0102   Soyoung Kim
  Monetary Instrument Problem Revisited: The Role of Fiscal Policy
  Abstract   Full Text

01-0101   Joseph T. Mahoney
  The Relevance of Chester I. Barnard's Teachings to Contemporary Management Education: Communicating the Aesthetics of Management

01-0100   Noel Brodsky and Joseph E. Finnerty
  Monetary Depth, Financial Depth, and the Human Development Index