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2000 Working Papers

00-0127   Salim Rashid
  Is land Reform Viable Under Democratic Capitalism?
  Abstract   Full Text

00-0126   Elizabeth Asiedu and Anne P. Villamil
  Imperfect Enforcement, Foreign Investment and Foreign Aid

00-0125   Anil K. Bera, Totok Suprayitno, and Gamini Premaratne
  On Some Heteroskedasticity-Robust Estimators of Variance-Covariance Matrix of the Least Squares Estimators

00-0124   Anil K. Bera and Sangwhan Kim
  Testing Constancy of Correlation and Other Specifications of the BGARCH Model with an Application to International Equity Returns

00-0123   Gamini Premaratne and Anil Bera
  Modeling Asymmetry and Excess Kurtosis in Stock Return Data

00-0122   Anil K. Bera and Yannis Bilias
  On Some Optimality Properties of Fisher-Rao Score Function in Testing and Estimation

00-0121   Steven C. Michael
  Can a Franchise Chain Coordinate?

00-0120   Juha Seppala
  the Term Structure of Real Interest Rates: Theory and Evidence from UK Index-Linked Bonds
  Abstract   Full Text

00-0119   Jeffrey Kaufman, Hugh O'Neill, and Anne Ilinitch
  The Impact of Transaction Cost Economics on the Survival and Duration of Joint Ventures

00-0118   George Deltas and Richard Engelbrecht-Wiggans
  Naive Bidding

00-0117   Madhu Viswanathan and James Harris
  Effects of Illiteracy and Innumeracy on Consumer Behavior: The Dark Side of Consumer Decision-Making

00-0116   Michael H. LeRoy and John H. Johnson IV
  Death by Lethal Injunction: National Emergency Strikes Under the Taft-Hartley Act

00-0115   Dan Bernhardt and Vladimir Dvoracek
  Monitoring and Evaluation by Financiers

00-0114   Devi R. Gnyawali and Ravindranath Madhavan
  Network Structure and Competitive Dynamics: A Structural Embeddedness Perspective

00-0113   Stefan Krasa and Steven R. Williams
  Incompleteness as a Constraint in Contract Design

00-0112   John H. Johnson and Christopher J. Mazingo
  The Economic Consequences of Unilateral Divorce for Children

00-0111   John H. Johnson
  The Impact of Federal Overtime Legislation on Public Sector Labor Markets

00-0110   George Deltas and Georgia Kosmopoulou
  Bidding in Sequential Auctions: 'Catalogue' vs. 'Order of Sale' Effects

00-0109   Michael G. Pratt
  The Good, the Bad, and the Ambivalent: Managing Identification Among Amway Distributors

00-0108   Roger Koenker and Zhijie Xiao
  Inference on the Quantile Regression Process

00-0107   George Deltas
  Determining Damages from the Operation of Bidding Rings: An Analysis of the Post-Auction 'Knockout' Sale

00-0106   Subir Bose and George Deltas
  Optimal Exclusive Dealing Through a Distribution Channel in Auctions with Stochastic Bidder Participation

00-0105   Anil K. Bera, Walter Sosa-Escudero, and Mann J. Yoon
  Tests for the Error Component Model in the Presence of Local Misspecification

00-0104   John Conley and Manfred Dix
  Beneficial Inequality in the Provision of Municipal Services: Why Rich Neighborhoods Should Get Plowed First

00-0103   George Deltas
  The Small Sample Bias of the Gini Coefficient: Results and Implications for Empirical Research

00-0102   Nadia Massoud and Dan Bernhardt
  'Rip-off' ATM Surcharges

00-0101   Anthony Yanxiang Gu and Joseph E. Finnerty
  The Evolution of Market Efficiency: 103 Years Daily Data of the Dow

00-0100   George Deltas and Richard Engelbrecht-Wiggans
  Auctions With An Inexpert Bidder