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Prospective Freshmen

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Why Illinois?


The College has always believed that rankings are not the best way to define the potential of an institution, but they certainly help support our claims to excellence:

  • #2 Accountancy program in the country (US News & World Reports)
  • #3 preferred institution for recruiters (Wall Street Journal)
  • #5 university for helping graduates getting top salaries; ahead of all Ivy League, private, and other Big Ten universities (
  • #6 highest income potential from a Midwestern institution; the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign was the only public school on the list (
  • Top-ranked Big Ten university for Return on Investment (
  • Top 15 Public University in the country (US News & World Reports)
  • Top ten public undergraduate business college (US News & World Reports)
  • #14 undergraduate business program in the nation (US News & World Reports)
  • 55% of Business students study abroad
  • 96% of Business students return for their sophomore year at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (highest on-campus)
  • 83% of students who start in the College of Business will graduate from the College of Business (highest on-campus)
  • 90% of students who begin in the College of Business will graduate from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (highest on-campus)
  • 72% of graduating students from the College of Business in 2010 had a full-time job or were in graduate school within three months of graduation (highest on-campus)
  • Most ethnically diverse Business School in the Big Ten.

  • Alumni network

    Before you know it, graduation is only one year away and you’re looking for a job. Fortunately, the University of Illinois’ alumni database is the single largest in the world, with over 600,000 alumni internationally.


    Retention Rate

    For the 2010-2011 academic year, the Illinois College of Business boasted an astonishing 95% retention rate of students from freshman to sophomore year. This means that for the incoming class of about 575, about 546 students stay after their first year.


    Graduation rate

    Beyond their first year, about 83% of undergraduate business students graduated from the Illinois College of Business, with about 90% of business students graduating from the university overall.


    Size within larger university

    Although the University of Illinois is home to over 40,000 students, the Illinois College of Business only has about 2,900 undergraduate students. This means that the College can offer specialized attention and assistance to each student within the College. Size is a matter of convenience. The College has the connections of a large university with the local environment of a smaller private institution.


    First year program

    At the Illinois College of Business, students are admitted directly to the College of Business. By interacting with other business students and learning business concepts from the first day, students gain a deeper understanding of the core concepts of business, including leadership, networking, professional responsibility, and planning for the future.

    What You Gain

    • General business knowledge – business core
    • Specialized business knowledge in any of 11 majors
    • A strong education of non-business topics throughout the university
    • An improved sense of professional responsibility
    • Confidence and social dexterity  in professional situations
    • Extensive experience with team-based work
    • Enhanced ability to think critically, analytically, and strategically


    What We Look for

    • A strong academic record
    • Competitive ACT/SAT scores
    • Demonstrated leadership skills
    • Exceptional communication skills
    • A variety of interests
    • An eagerness to participate

    Letter from Dean Jewell White, Dean of Admissions:

    Each year, the College of Business receives applications from a diverse and exceptionally qualified group of students. Selecting the freshman class from among this distinguished group is a challenging task. The number of qualified students far exceeds the number we can admit.

    As such, we review all completed applications "holistically," with no minimum cutoff for grade point average or standardized test score. We assess the unique combination of achievement and potential in each applicant. Grades, high school rank and test scores provide a tangible record of each candidate's academic achievement. The essays broaden the committee's understanding of each applicant's goals and motivations. And participation in school and community activities reveals student interests and leadership.

    We particularly like to see evidence of leadership. We believe that a successful leader is one who achieves individually, while enhancing the learning experience of his or her peers. Applicants with the strongest academic records are more likely to receive admissions when matched by the potential to make a significant intellectual contribution to the education of students in the College of Business and the University of Illinois.

    We evaluate each student individually and thoughtfully in the context of the opportunities provided by his or her high school. Our admissions philosophy allows us to admit a class of freshmen who will bring a diverse set of skills, experiences and passions that will contribute to an outstanding experience for all of our students.

    Dean Jewell White
    Undergraduate Dean of Admissions


    Application Deadlines

    • November 1 for Freshmen Priority Decision (December 16 Notification)
    • January 2 for Freshman Regular Decision (February 17 Notification)


    Campus Visits

    For more information, come visit us! We would love to meet you. Click here to arrange your visit.