Considerations for Studying Abroad


There is a large range of variation in terms of costs of study abroad programs. The most inexpensive are exchange programs where our university is literally trading students with another university. Because students are being traded, they do not have to pay the tuition of the international university; instead they pay a discounted University of Illinois tuition. Some of the programs cost approximately the same as a semester at the University of Illinois. Almost all of the semester study abroad programs offered through the College of Business are exchange programs. Because of this, Business students interested in studying abroad should always at least consider the program offerings in the College of Business.

Short programs offered during university breaks generally cost more than semester or year-long programs, and programs offered by "middleman" companies are usually the most expensive programs of all. Basically, it is important to investigate the costs of any study abroad program you are considering, because program costs can differ by $10,000 or more. For College of Business programs, all relevant costs are listed on the program information sheets.

Both in-state and out-of-state students studying abroad for a semester will pay Range IV tuition instead of the normal university tuition the semester they are abroad. This can represent a savings of many thousands of dollars for study abroad students. In fact, it is possible that a semester abroad can be cheaper for some students, especially out-of-state students, than spending the semester at the University of Illinois.


Currently the College of Business has study abroad locations available at business schools in Europe, Asia and Australia for semester programs, edu/programs/semester/index.html. Make sure to have alternative options; because of the popularity and low cost of exchange programs, the spots for the most popular locations are competitive.

There are approximately 400 study abroad programs available at the University of Illinois, so if there is a particular location that interests you, you have no excuse.

Business Classes

If you are interested in taking primarily business classes, or if you are planning to study abroad your junior or later, most of the programs that would be most suitable for you would be available through the College of Business International Programs Office.

Other Classes

If you are interested primarily in taking classes other than business classes including courses that fulfill general education requirements, the best options are available at the University of Illinois Study Abroad Office.


For all programs available through the College of Business, students do not have to speak a foreign language. Students who can speak a foreign language will have more course options available in many programs.

For students looking to fulfill foreign language requirements for a language minor, the best program options are available through the University of Illinois study abroad office.

Program Dates

Pay attention to the program dates when selecting programs. For example, some spring programs may end in late June, which would make getting a summer internship difficult.

When to Study Abroad

Generally it is better to study abroad as soon as possible, because many students find themselves taking advantage of multiple study abroad opportunities while at the University of Illinois. Students are eligible to study abroad after successful completion of one year on the UIUC campus, or in the case of Off Campus Transfer students, successful completion of one semester. Intercollege Transfer students can study abroad as early as their first semester in the College of Business. Students can only apply to programs in the College of Business after they have been accepted.

Students are no longer eligible to study abroad once they complete all of their degree requirements. Additionally, students who choose to study abroad their last semester will have their official graduation date postponed and should discuss this decision with a member of the Business International Programs Office. While graduates are always invited to participate in Commencement festivities, they are warned that graduation is not official until degree requirements are satisfied and host school transcripts are properly recorded. This often takes another entire semester to be processed and likely pushes a student onto a later degree list.

Short Programs

Both the College of Business and the University Study Abroad office shorter study abroad programs available during university breaks. While these programs are convenient for students who cannot spend an entire semester or year away from campus, or for those who have already studied abroad on a longer program, they tend to be more expensive options. For many of these trips, students are accompanied by University of Illinois faculty and staff. To see the short programs available in the College of Business, go to

Other Requirements

A GPA of at least 3.0/4.0 is highly recommended for College of Business study abroad programs.

Students must be in the College of Business in order to apply for a College of Business study abroad program.

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