Prior to the registration period, you will be assigned a Time Ticket, the earliest time you are authorized to register, based on the number of hours completed (including current enrolled hours), according to campus policy.

Registration is maintained in the UI-Integrate Web Self-Service system. UI-Integrate Self-Service will control access based upon registration time, class size, academic program, maximum credit limit, and holds. Some classes are listed in the Class Schedule as "authorization only." Contact the department for approval before using UI-Integrate Self-Service to register in one of these classes.

To register, please take the following steps:

Obtain your enterprise ID:

Register on line:

  1. Select UIUC
  2. Enter your Enterprise ID and password and this will take you to the main menu where you can register.

You may add a course until the tenth day of class but adding a class to your schedule after instruction has begun can pose problems if you have missed assignments and lectures.

While you can drop courses until the eight week drop deadline, please be mindful of the following:

  • You are required to be enrolled full-time (minimum twelve credit hours).
  • Business students are allowed only one regular term of part-time enrollment.
  • Many scholarships, grants and loans require full-time enrollment. Students are responsible for being informed of such requirements.
  • If a student is covered on a parent's medical insurance, many policies require full-time enrollment for healthcare coverage. Students are responsible for being informed of such requirements.
  • Athletes and international students are required to be enrolled full-time for athletic eligibility and visa requirements.
  • Deans list and other honors programs require full time enrollment, and 14 graded hours. (There are exceptions for study abroad students.).
  • All students must maintain timely progress toward their degree.
  • Students are responsible for the academic and/or financial consequences of their decisions.
  • Dropping a required course may negatively impact the timeliness of degree completion.
  • To review the add/drop schedule, please refer to the following link:

To drop a course after the eight week drop deadline: This may be done only under extenuating circumstances (serious accident, illness, etc.) and with the permission of the Assistant Dean of Advising and Registration. You must pick up a late drop form in 1055 BIF and have it filled out and signed from the professor of the course. You must then return the form to the Office of Underraduate Affairs with verification of extenuating circumstances. If your petition is approved, the course and a grade of “W” will appear on your transcript.

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