Prelaw Advising

Business Students interested in attending Law School should begin their preparatory plans early. The following general advice is intended to assist Pre-Law Students with the start of their Law School preparations.

  • Plan diligently your academic program and schedules with your Academic Advisor.
  • Study throughly the University's Pre-Law Website to assist you with your career and Law School plans. The Pre-Law Website:
  • Join Registered Student Organizations (RSO) and the Illinois Leadership Center programs to develop your communication and leadership skills.
  • Join the Prelaw Club. It's a great opportunity to learn about the Legal profession, the nature of Law Schools, Law School Admission requirements, LSAT study and preparation options and many other important and useful Pre-Law information. The UI Pre-Law Club Website:
  • Plan to take the LSAT in June prior to your senior year.
  • Complete your Law School applications and then submit them in October of your senior year to better insure your opportunities for both admission and financial aid.
  • The campus Prelaw Advising Program is in the Campus Center for Advising and Academic Services, 807 S. Wright Street, 5th floor. 217-333-9669.

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