College Policies

Maximum and Minimum Course Loads
Course Underloads (under 12 hours)
Course Overloads (over 18 hours)
      Academic Probation/Drop
      Academic Progress
      Credit/No Credit Grading Option
      How Do I Request A Course As Credit/No Credit?
      What are the Deadlines for a Credit/No Credit Request and
            to Change Credit/No Credit Back to a Letter Grade?
      What Are The Restrictions?
      Important To Note When Considering The CR/NC Option:
      Disciplinary Action
      Emergencies and Absences
      Final Examinations
      Exam Conflicts
Grading System and Grade Reports
      Grades authorized for all UIU C colleges
      Incomplete Grades
      Leave of Absence
      Re-Entry after being Dropped
      Re-Entry after a Withdrawal, Cancellation or Leave of Absence
      Repeating A Course
      Transferring Out of the College
Withdrawing from the University
      Withdrawal BEFORE the Semester Begins (Cancel Registration)
      Withdrawal AF TER the Semester Begins
Residency Requirements
      University Residency Requirement
      College Residency Requirement
      Departmental Residency Requirement
      Guided Individual Study (Correspondence Courses)
Credits Earned Outside UIUC
      Advanced Placement
      International Baccalaureate Credit
      A-Level Credits
      Proficiency Credits
      College Credit while in High School
      College Credit at Parkland
      Transfer Credit from Other Colleges
      CLEP Credit
      Independent Study