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READ your Student Handbook—available in printed copy and online.

DARS—is an acronym for a program called the Degree Audit Reporting System. It is a computerized, personalized analysis of your progress toward a specific degree. A DARS report shows all the requirements needed to receive a degree and which transfer and UIUC courses have been used to satisfy those requirements.

How do I get a DARS report?

  • The report accesses day-old Banner data. Since it is not a live report, changes made to a student’s record (e.g., dropping a course) are not immediately reflected.
  • Transfer courses articulations may be incomplete especially if a student runs a report for a major that is not the student’s default value in the Darwin database.
  • Study Abroad credits may not be finalized.
  • The DARSweb system is not available from 1:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. daily.

STARS—Student Tracking and Reporting System, an electronic window to the Office of Undergraduate Affairs. It allows current Business students to access the following actions via the web.

File petitions and check on status of petitions to do the following:

  • Elect or remove the credit / no-credit option
  • Extend the final authorized semester to register
  • General academic requests

Enter requests for the following:

  • Letters
  • College of Business Undergraduate Scholarships—check early December.
  • Declare or Change Majors
  • Overloads

*Note: You may choose or change your major via the web-based STARS petition module during the periods specified below. Fall & Spring semester: after the tenth day of class through the end of the last working day before early registration begins. Unassigned majors may declare major at any time by stopping by 1055 BIF and completing a change of major form if during a time period when the STARS petition module is not active.

Compass for Business Majors—Compass is an enterprise learning management system powered by Blackboard’s Vista Enterprise software. It gives advisors and students a collaborative online space with tools for major preparation, schedule planning, and a Peer Connection.

PASS—Personal Academic Semester Schedule. PASS is an advising tool in Compass that will enable students to create a flexible 4 year academic plan.  Students are responsible to update PASS each academic year using both their DARS report and a major specific sample schedule as a guide.  Academic Advisors will be able to review individual PASS plans and update accordingly. 

Sample Schedules—Available in Student Handbook and in Compass for Business Majors. Also refer to departmental sites below.

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