Myths and Rumors

Here the answers to some frequently asked questions about these policies.

If I get a "D" in a course required for my major, must I repeat the course?

No; however to graduate you must have at least a 2.00 cumulative GPA in the courses required for your major.

I put a course on credit/no credit. Now it looks like I'll get an "A." Can I change it back to a graded course even though the semester is about over?

No; you must make changes in your credit/no credit elections by the end of the eighth week of the semester.

I took four years of Spanish in high school, but placed into Spanish 122. Do I need to take two more Spanish courses to meet the graduation requirement?

No. The language requirement has been met. Four years of one foreign language in high school meets the requirement. The placement score only determines your beginning level if you decide to continue your foreign language study.

Can I find out by phone the results of my petition to drop a course (or change of major, etc)?

Federal law does not permit giving out information about a student's record to anyone but the student.

Even though I made straight As last semester, I didn't make the Dean's List. Why?

You must take at least 14 graded UIUC hours in order to be placed on the Dean's List.


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