The Hoeft Technology & Management Program

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The Hoeft Technology & Management Program is a course of study leading to a University Minor in Technology and Management, bridging a gap between traditional engineering and business education. Undergraduate engineering and business majors learn together in an integrated program without sacrificing disciplinary depth in their major fields of study.

The Hoeft Technology & Management Program recognizes that companies need engineers who understand market forces and the financial implications of technology investment, and business professionals who understand technology drivers and the product development implications of market strategies. The T&M program prepares business and engineering graduates to function effectively in interdisciplinary and team-based industry environments.

T&M students must complete all the requirements for their business or engineering degrees in addition to the 22-hour T&M curriculum. Each course is offered only once per year, and must be completed in the following sequence:

  Business Students Only Business and Engineering Students Together
Fall Junior Year
Materials in Today’s World
MSE 101—3 hours
Management of Innovation & Technology
TMGT 367—3 hours
Spring Junior Year
Intro to Mechanics
TAM 201—3 hours
New Product Development
TMGT 460—3 hours
Fall Senior Year
Intro to Electrical and Computer Engineering
ECE 317—3 hours
Business Process Modeling
TMGT 460—3 hours
Spring Senior Year
  Integrated Capstone Project
TMGT 461—4 hours

The curriculum is augmented with real-world experiences outside the classroom including a comprehensive set of extracurricular activities to develop skills and provide valuable experiences to students. These activities include leadership development, career development, business skills, and an international business trip. Through the coursework and extracurricular events students learn to work in interdisciplinary teams, to make effective written and oral presentations, and to apply high ethical standards in the workplace.

Students apply to the T&M program early in the Spring semester of their sophomore year. Selection to the program is highly competitive. Prospective students must complete a written application with multiple essays, from which they are invited to interview. The program admits approximately fifty students each year, with an equal number of students from the College of Business and the College of Engineering.

For more information please contact the T&M office: (217) 244-5752, email: or visit

Darcy Sementi
Darcy Sementi, Director
Ellie Tewksbury
Ellie Tewksbury, Associate Director
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Rebecca Nash,
Office Manager

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