Dual Degrees

Dual Degree Requirements for College of Business Students

Students may pursue a dual degree with a combination of the Business majors.

  • Accountancy/Finance
  • Accountancy/Business Administration-major
  • Finance/Business Administration-major

In order to receive a dual degree in the College of Business you must meet the following requirements:

  • At least 30 additional hours of University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign credit (minimum of 154 hours for two College of Business Bachelor’s degrees).
  • Last 30 hours must be University of Illinois credit.
  • Must be completed within the allowable 9-semester limit on enrollment.
  • Degrees must be awarded simultaneously.

Please note: Students may declare only one unique major. Priority will be given in the major that is declared­—courses in the second area of study can and will be difficult to enroll in. 

Completion of the required 154 hours will require summer coursework and possibly a 9th semester.

Advantages of the Bachelor/Master in Accountancy Program

  • Considered by employers as the “gold standard” for accountancy education—facilitates job offers for accountancy positions and advancement once employed;
  • Standalone BS in Accountancy only appropriate for students pursuing a non-accountancy career in business—it does not adequately prepare the student for a career in accountancy (public or private);
  • Bachelor/Master program provides:
    • Continuation and completion of the world-renown Project Discovery accountancy curriculum;
    • Access to courses such as ACCY 510 (coverage of financial reporting standards for more complex business contracts) and ACCY 515 (coverage of audit standards and practice);
    • Access to the ACCY 511/512 sequence, which is a unique study of business risk (both financial and operational) and the role of accounting in measuring and managing business risk,
    • Graduate (contrasted with undergraduate) study in an accounting-related minor such as Finance, IT, and international business & corporate governance or a concentration in taxation.

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