Maximum and Minimum Course Loads

An earned Business degree is evidence that the student has followed a carefully planned and challenging program of study. In order to make normal progress toward a degree, the student is expected to be a full-time student.

Normal progress toward the degree in eight semesters is maintained by enrolling in an average of 15-16 credit hours per semester. The minimum course load required for full-time status is 12 hours.

The student registration system will automatically block you from initiating a drop action that may bring you below the required full-time status. You are responsible for the following proper procedure noted in the section below on "Course Underloads." Also note:

  • International students are required to consult the Office of International Student Affairs before initiating any change in their course schedule.
  • Students on probation are required to meet academic performance standards gauged on a 12-credit-hour load.
  • Part time status can affect financial aid, health insurance, and scholarships.

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