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Business Core Requirements

Accy 201, 202: Principles of Accounting (6 Hours)

Prerequisite: Econ 102 and Econ 103

BADM 300: The Legal Environment of Business (3 Hours)

Prerequisite: junior standing

BADM 320: Principles of Marketing (3 Hours)

Prerequisite: junior standing, Econ 202

BADM 310: Management and Organizational Behavior (3 Hours)

Prerequisite: sophomore standing

BADM 449: Business Policy (3 Hours)

Prerequisite: senior standing

CS 105: Introduction to Computers (3 Hours)

Econ 102 and 103: Micro and Macroeconomic Principles (6 Hours)

Econ 202 & 203: Economic Statistics I and II (6 Hours)

Prerequisite: Math 234 or equivalent

Econ 302: Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (3 Hours)

Prerequisites: Econ 102; Math 125 & 234

Fin 221: Introduction to Business Financial Management (3 Hours)

Prerequisite or current enrollment: Accy 202, Econ 203

Math Requirement (7-8 Hours)

Students must fulfill one of the following sequences:

  • Math 125 & Math 234: Linear Algebra and Calculus for Social Science
  • Math 125 & Math 220 or 221: Linear Algebra and Calculus and Analytic Geometry
  • Math 220 or 221 & Math 231: Calculus and Analytic Geometry I and II

Note: Credit hours are not applicable toward graduation for Math 012 and Math 016 if taken after Summer 2005. Preparatory math courses are included in the undergraduate cumulative grade point average.

CMN 101: Principles of Effective Speaking (3 Hours)

Electives (3-35 Hours)

These courses are chosen by the student. Electives allow you to develop other skills to take to the job market. Through electives, you have an opportunity to develop another area of interest, i.e. foreign language, speech communications, psychology, sociology, writing courses, etc. This is an opportunity to individualize your degree, to make it reflect your personal skills and talents. Note: You may elect the credit/no credit option for these courses.

Credit Limitations

Declaring/Changing Majors

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