The Academic Calendar

What Happens When?

Friday before classes begin

Deadline to cancel registration

10th day of class

Last day to add a semester class and add yourself to the graduation list via UI Integrate.

3rd week of class

Deadline for 80 percent tuition refund and to reduce program and receive refund if moving to a lower credit range.

5th week of class

Deadline for 70 percent tuition refund.

7th week of class

Deadline for 60 percent tuition refund.

8th week of class

Last day to drop a class.

Last day to declare or change the credit/no credit option for a semester course.

Deadline for 50 percent tuition refund.

10th week of class

See an advisor to plan for next semester and register!

Timetables are available online.

Deadline for 40 percent tuition refund.

16th week of class

Classes end.

Prepare for finals.


Check the on-line calendar for actual dates in the semester at: