Administrative Offices

Academic Advising

Collette Niland
Collette Niland,
Assistant Dean for Advising and Registration
Teresa D'Urso
Teresa D'Urso,
Director of Advising
and Registration

Undergraduate Affairs

Ben Chandler
Ben Chandler,
Assistant Director of Undergraduate Affairs


Jewell White
Jewell White,
Assistant Dean for Admissions
Anthony Fontana
Anthony Fontana,
Assistant Director for Admissions

Business Honors Program

John Hedeman
John Hedeman,
Assistant Dean for

Business International Programs

Christine Gozdziak
Christine Gozdziak,
Assistant Dean of Business International Programs
Jennifer Frank
Jennifer Frank,
Office Administration International Programs

Records and Degree Processing

Phyllis Little
Phyllis Little,
Assistant Director
Jessica Howard
Jessica Howard, Records Associate
Amber Moore
Amber Moore,
Office Support Specialist
Kennalyn Alkire
Kennalyn Alkire,
Records Officer


Support Staff

Ruth Badger
Ruth Badger,
Office Manager
Deanna Dale
Deanna Dale,
Office Support Specialist
Celestine Richardson
Celestine Richardson,
Office Support Specialist
Patricia Shell
Patricia Shell,
Office Support Assistant