Bachelor/Master in Accountancy

The Bachelor/Master in Accounting Science (MAS) program prepares students for entry into both non-public and public accountancy careers through advanced study in an accountancy graduate program. This program includes preparation for the 150-hour requirement to be a candidate for the CPA examination in the State of Illinois. Admission to the Bachelor/Master in Accounting Science program is competitive and follows a two-stage process.

Degree Requirements

Students enrolling in the Bachelor/Master in Accounting Science program may pursue a minor in finance or technology information and control or a concentration in taxation. A student who elects not to pursue a minor or concentration will select their electives to form a coherent program of study.

The course requirements for the MAS program for applicants pursuing the BS/MAS program are:

Grad Hours Courses
4 ACCY 510 – Financial Reporting Standards
4 ACCY 511 - Risk Measurement/Reporting I
4 ACCY 512 -  Risk Measurement/Reporting II
4 Accountancy elective
8 Non-accountancy electives
8 Electives (either accountancy or non-accountancy)
32 Total for MAS

The electives, both accountancy and non-accountancy, shall form a coherent program of study, approved by a program advisor.  At least 20 of the 32 total graduate hours must be in 500-level courses and at least 24 of the 32 total hours must be earned while enrolled in the Graduate College at the Urbana campus. Students must maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.0 (A = 4.0) to continue in, and graduate from, the MAS program. All courses applied toward the 32 graduate hours required for graduation must be taken for grade and not on a credit-no credit basis.

Sample Schedule for Bachelor/Master in Accounting Science.

For more information regarding the Bachelor/Master in Accounting Science please visit the Department of Accountancy's website.