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Office of Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship


To offer innovative academic programs that teach students to act innovatively and entrepreneurially in their careers.

To foster research in entrepreneurship that will advance its study and practice.

To serve the business community with training programs and business development activities that meets the needs of current and future entrepreneurs.


To provide academic leadership within the College of Business to raise the profile of the entrepreneurship program and increase faculty and
student participation in it.

To promote and support the study of entrepreneurship by College of Business students.

To train the next generation of entrepreneurship faculty by supporting doctoral dissertation research in the field.

To foster the production of high quality research in entrepreneurship through faculty research grants and other forms of encouragement.

To foster the exchange of information among entrepreneurship scholars through research conferences, interdisciplinary exchanges, and similar avenues.

To promote entrepreneurship efforts in the business community through counseling, forums, seminars, and contributions to public policy.

To provide opportunities for interactions among students, scholars, and practicing entrepreneurs.

Objectives and Actions

The current business environment is one of continuous and unprecedented change. Rapid advances in computer, information, and manufacturing technology, combined with political and economic upheavals around the world have forever changed the nature of business. Companies large and small now operate in an extremely competitive global marketplace where success is achieved by those who anticipate, innovate, and adapt to changing market conditions and demands. This ability to be responsive, flexible, and creative lies at the heart of entrepreneurship.

The Office of Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship (OBIE) at the University of Illinois is dedicated to fostering the study and practice of the principles of entrepreneurship among current and future scholars and business leaders. Established in 1983, OBIE has contributed to the development of an entrepreneurship teaching program, has sponsored doctoral dissertations related to entrepreneurship, and has funded faculty research grants for projects in the field.

OBIE is one of the Research and Learning Centers housed in the College of Business. The college-wide strategic planning process included a review of the mission and activities of the Research and Learning Centers in the context of the overall college program. The college plan calls for an increasingly important role for the centers as vehicles for topically-focused academic and outreach programs that cut across departments. All centers are expected to expand the scope of their activities to include teaching, research, and outreach programs that engage to the greatest extent possible students, faculty, and professionals.

The new mission and goals stated above take into account OBIE's expanded role. OBIE will continue many of its traditional programs and will undertake a number of new initiatives.


V. Dale Cozad Lecture Series in Entrepreneurship

For more information about OBIE, please contact the director at the address and telephone number listed below.

Professor Huseyin Leblebici, Director
College of Business
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
350 Wohlers Hall
1206 S. Sixth Street
Champaign, Illinois 61820
Phone: (217) 333-4512
Fax: (217) 333-7410
E-mail: hleblebi@illinois.edu


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