Dean's Message

Recently Chancellor Herman spoke to faculty, staff, students and community members at the YMCA's Know Your University Speaker Series held each fall. I thought you would be interested in some of his words, that will guide the evolution of the campus in the coming years.

"You know that higher education in America’s public research universities is in a period of upheaval and that a new order of excellence will eventually emerge. It is not up to the institution to assure that when the dust has settled the U of I will rank among the nation’s preeminent universities—it is up to all of you, and me, and Joe White. And the men and women who make the phones work.

We are the sentinels of our generation. It is our watch.

President White’s framework for long-term strategic planning is the first step in what must be an unvarnished evaluation of how well we do all that we do—from academic programs and departments, to front-line student services, to high-level administration. We will look hard and steady at ourselves in the mirror. From this unflinching self-examination will emerge a community vision and a practical plan for achieving what must forever be our singular shared goal: excellence.

We must declare excellence our ordinary and only standard.

That means we must all be better at what we do. Excellent programs must inch closer to unachievable perfection."

As the College of Business community focuses its attention on the strategic planning process, we are guided by Chancellor Herman's words and the vision of President White.

In Business, we will continue to have excellence as our standard.


Avijit Ghosh

November 2005

Avijit Ghosh, College of Business dean.

Avijit Ghosh




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