Richard Engelbrecht-Wiggans.Engelbrecht-Wiggans Named IBE Professor

Richard Engelbrecht-Wiggans was named as the IBE Distinguished Professor of Business Administration in July. His research focuses on the design and evaluation of auctions. More»

Nicholas Petruzzi.Petruzzi Named Gutman Teaching Excellence Fellow

Associate Professor of Business Administration Nicholas Petruzzi was named Gutman Teaching Excellence Fellow this month. He is an award-winning teacher. More»

July 2006

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Posted on 28.July.06
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Conference Focuses on Business In and With Russia

Russian Conference mark.The Chancellor's Conference on Russia offers a comprehensive overview of contemporary issues in the politics of Russian commerce, finance, law, and media. The October conference, co-sponsored by the College, is open to business leaders, executives, investors, scholars, and others who are interested in this growing economy. More»

Weisbach Research Cited by The Economist

Foreign firms are increasingly passing up listing their companies on US exchanges. Research by Michael Weisbach, professor of finance, is cited. More»

Kindt Comments, Industry Responds

John Kindt, professor of business administration, is frequently in the news commenting on gambling. Recent legislation restricting online gambling is the focus of Kindt's observations.

AP article prior to House action; AP/CBS News article about House passage of limits on online gambling; Commentary from the Arizona Daily Star; Tampa Tribune article about Seminole contract with developer


Conrad Hewitt. Alumnus Hewitt Named Chief Accountant

Finance graduate Conrad W. Hewitt was named as the new chief accountant at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on July 25. The former chief financial regulator for the State of California, Hewitt assumes his duties on August 18. More»

Roger Cannaday.Cannaday Named Emeritus, Continues to Serve

Associate Professor of Finance Roger Cannaday retired from the University in July. Fortunately for his students, he returns to the classroom in the fall. More»


Linke Estimating Earnings for Lawsuit

The chief justice of the Illinois Supreme Court has tapped retired Finance Professor Charles Linke to assist in his libel lawsuit against a newspaper in Illinois. More»

2nd Tuesdays         Homecoming 2006    Russain Conference.
  • Subsistence Marketplace Conference, Chicago, Aug 2-4 [For more info]
  • Second Tuesdays, Chicago, August 8 [For more info]
  • Cozad Lecture: Doris Christopher, Champaign, Sept 12 [For more info]
  • Second Tuesdays, Chicago, September 12 [For more info]
  • Business Leadership Roundtable: Executive Compensation, Chicago, Sept 20 [For more info]
  • Illinois Business Consulting Tenth Anniversary Celebration, Champaign, Sept 22-23 [For more info]
  • Homecoming Tent Party, Champaign, Oct 7 [For more info]
  • Chancellor's Conference on Russia * Business * Politics: Challenges and Opportunities, Chicago, Oct 12 & 13 [For more info]



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