MAY 2004  

PricewaterhouseCoopers Makes Gift to College
PricewaterhouseCoopers and Illinois alumni at the accounting firm made a significant gift to the College and Department of Accountancy in early May. Collaborative projects and the new Accountancy Resource Center are part of the $5 million gift. Read more

PwC CEO Dennis Nally.PwC Chairman Delivers Leighton Lecture

Doing what is right benefits the public, a company, and an employee. That was at the heart of the Leighton Lecture on Leadership and Ethics, delivered by PricewaterhouseCoopers chairman and senior partner Dennis Nally. Read more

State Farm CFO feature
The CFO of State Farm, Michael Tipsord, visited campus as an Accountancy Lyceum speaker and delivered a message of personal responsibility to the students. Key advice: "Be your own steward." Read more

Wang Lecture

Barnett Helzberg sold his company, Helzberg Diamonds, to Warren Buffett. Then he wrote a book about his business experiences and the lessons he learned. Helzberg delivered the 2004 Wang Lecture during the spring semester. Read more

Commentary on Business-Informed Auditing
Ira Solomon and Mark Peecher made a case for business-informed auditing in a commentary published in the Wall Street Journal in May. Read more


Leadership as Service
The president and CEO of AMD, Hector Ruiz, stressed the criticality of a symbiotic relationship between creating value for shareholders and making the world a better place. Read more

Small Business Consulting Class Gets it Right

From the start of class to the final presentation, students in the College's Small Business Consulting class got a accurate taste of what it means to be a consultant. Read more

Questioning the Wisdom of Gambling on Base
Business Administration Professor John Kindt questions the ready availability of gambling facilities at military bases, particularly given the higher than average rate of gambling addiction among military personnel. Read more
Whether gambling is an answer to budget problems was the focus on another article, which also quotes Earl Grinols. Read more

Colorful Appetites
Consumer research by Brian Wansink indicates that we lack the willpower to be careful about what and how much we eat. The "hidden persuaders" are very powerful. Read more

Convocation Speakers Share Their Thoughts
May and June are traditional months for graduations. The College of Business was pleased to welcome Tom Vogelsinger, Howard Engle, and David Gilmartin to campus as convocation speakers. Read more

Denise Maple.Alumni Profile: Denise Maple
Denise Maple of LaSalle Bank is also active in the College of Business Alumni Association. Was her favorite professor one of yours? Read more

June 8:
MSTax Info Sessions in Chicago

Informational sessions are a great way to learn more about the MS Tax program, a signature degree from the College of Business. Sessions are from 4:00-6:00 p.m. at the Illini Center, 4th Floor, 200 S. Wacker in Chicago. RSVP at (312) 575-0909 or

June 10:
Executive MBA Info Sessions in Chicago

Attend an Executive MBA Informational Session to learn more about our prestigious MBA degree for accomplished executives from the faculty and students currently in the program. Sessions are on the 4th Floor at 200 S. Wacker in Chicago from 4:00-6:00 p.m. on the second Thursday of each month. Visit for more details.

June 14-17: Transmission School in Chicago
Explore the challenges faced by the electricity industry, including transmission grid reliability, emerging transmission business structures, and how the evolution of the electricity markets is impacting the nature of the transmission business. This course is offered by Illinois CIBER. Read more

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