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Business Students on Bronze Tablet


The following is a list of College of Business students listed on the 2010 Bronze Tablet, representing the top 3 percent of the 2010 graduating class, selected for their outstanding academic performance during their undergraduate study. Winners must have a total grade-point average of at least 3.5 (out of a possible 4.0). The two names in bold are also College of Business Honors students.

Brock A. Booton, Management    Champaign, IL
Dominika Z. Shenoo, Accountancy    Chicago, IL
Bailey R. Hatch, Marketing    Deerfield, IL
Calen J. Campanella, Finance    DuQuoin, IL
Lindsey M. Castleman-Zia, Management    Forsyth, IL
David W. Michael, Accountancy    Highland, IL
Kyle M. Kruke, Finance    La Grange, IL
Carly M. Herst, Accountancy    Lincolnshire, IL
Christine B. Groesbeck, Finance    Naperville, IL
Michael K. Schertz, Accountancy    Naperville, IL
Michael J. Wehrli, Accountancy    Naperville, IL
Cassidy M. Buss, Accountancy    Oakwood, IL
Meghan A. Machon, Accountancy    Park Ridge, IL
Michael S. Szaflarski, Finance    Park ridge, IL
Robert M. Anderson, Business Administration    Peoria, IL
Nina R. Gupta, Finance    Wheaton, IL
Stephany K. Hong, Accountancy    Wilmette, IL
Tyler Schehl, Accountancy    Carmel, IN
Jamie M. Dalin, Finance    Chesterfield, MO
Akrati Johari, Accountancy    New York, NY
Shangyu T. Yeo, Finance    Singapore, Singapore

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