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SIOR Scholarships for Outstanding ILLINOIS Real Estate Students


by Sarah Small

In December, Kevin Blaha, senior in Finance with a concentration in Real Estate, was honored with a scholarship from the Chicago chapter of the Society of Industrial and Office REALTORS® (SIOR).

With this award, Blaha becomes a part of a legacy of ILLINOIS students who have received this scholarship in the past years. Since 1984, the Chicago chapter of SIOR has provided 58 students with $92,000 in scholarship money, and $52,000 of that money has gone to ILLINOIS students.

“The scholarship that I received was to promote individuals working towards a real estate profession,” Blaha said. “It was also to help spread the SIOR name.”

Roger Canady, associate professor emeritus, helped create the scholarship in 1984 and was SIOR’s special guest at the December luncheon for scholarship recipients.

For the scholarship application, students needed to write two essays, one that explained work experience in the real estate industry and another that showed their leadership skills. Roy Splansky, an alumnus who graduated in 1985 with a degree in Finance and concentration in Real Estate, served as chair of the scholarship committee and reviewed the essays of applicants. This year he said he saw a new trend that students also addressed the importance of financial assistance in their essays.

“In addition to why they chose real estate as a career, the essays I received this year all included how important the financial aid helps to defray the cost of school,” Splansky said.

To commemorate his accomplishment, Blaha’s name will be added to a plaque that hangs outside the Office of Real Estate Research; each student on the plaque is recognized as the “Outstanding Undergraduate Real Estate Student” for the year he or she received the scholarship.

“I have never received a scholarship before and I know it was an honor for both me and my family,” Blaha said. “I have always had a passion for real estate and clearly it is obvious to others.”


SIOR Scholarships
Awarded to University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Outstanding Real Estate Students
By Chicago Chapter, Society of Industrial and Office Realtors

Name of Student                             Academic Year of Award                              Amount of Award

Kevin J. Blaha                                     2009-2010                                                            $3,000

Adil A. Lakhani                                   2008-2009                                                            $3,000

Alan I. Lagunov                                 2007-2008                                                            $2,500

Peter A. Foran                                   2006-2007                                                            $2,000

Kristin L. Bellanca                             2005-2006                                                            $2,000

Michael C. Brown                             2004-2005                                                            $2,000

Lindsey K. Bernaix                           2002-2003                                                            $1,000

David K. Brodsky                              2002-2003                                                            $   500

Judy F. Shen                                       2002-2003                                                            $   500

Brant T. Miller                                    2001-2002                                                            $1,000

Andrew M. Mouw (Gr.)                2001-2002                                                            $1,000

Katie E. Donovan                              2000-2001                                                            $1,000

Robert G. Keleghan                        2000-2001                                                            $1,000

Matthew A. Graham (Gr.)            2000-2001                                                            $2,000

Marius W. Andreasen                    1999-2000                                                            $2,000

Amy L. Coffman (Gr.)                     1999-2000                                                            $1,000

Kenneth Gorski (Gr.)                      1999-2000                                                            $1,000

Mark G. Zimmerman                      1998-1999                                                            $3,000

Carolyn A. Dehring (Gr.)                1998-1999                                                            $1,500

Jeffrey B. Stanish (Gr.)                  1998-1999                                                            $1,500

Jeffrey S. Grzeskowiak                  1997-1998                                                            $   750

Patrick M. Murray                            1997-1998                                                            $   750

Robert Brightly                                  1996-1997                                                            $   500

Daniel A. Deuter                               1996-1997                                                            $   500

Jody L. Garbisch                                1996-1997                                                            $   500

Megan K. Quinn                               1995-1996                                                            $1,500

Sara A. Armstrong                           1994-1995                                                            $   500

Jamie K. Bukvich                               1994-1995                                                            $   500

Sherie L. Yearton                              1994-1995                                                            $   500

Ron M. Berman                                1993-1994                                                            $   750

Kelly L. Cooper                                  1993-1994                                                            $   750

Craig R. Hewerdine                         1992-1993                                                            $1,500

Jennifer L. Dick                                  1991-1992                                                            $1,000

Russell D. Long                                  1991-1992                                                            $   500

Lisa M. Ludwig                                   1990-1991                                                            $   500

Christopher D. Tierney                  1990-1991                                                            $1,000

Anna S. Kwan                                    1989-1990                                                            $1,500

Todd H. Casper                                 1988-1989                                                            $1,000

James M. Hanson                            1988-1989                                                            $   500

Amy Bajadek                                     1987-1988                                                            $1,500

Patricia A. Kungie                             1986-1987                                                            $1,500

Fabio G. Baum                                   1985-1986                                                            $1,500

Edmund W. McMahon                  1984-1985                                                            $   500


                                                                                                                      Total Awarded  $52, 500

NOTE:  The above were all undergraduate students at the time except where (Gr.) follows the name for the years 1998-1999 to 2001-2002.  Those were graduate students at the time.

The undergraduate students are on one plaque with the heading, “Outstanding Undergraduate Real Estate Student”.  The graduate students are on a separate plaque with the heading, “Outstanding Graduate Student in Real Estate”.

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