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Having Fun Helping Business


By Tiffanie Bui

The Office of Undergraduate Affairs and the Council of Presidents kicked off the fall semester with sunshine, free ice cream and pizza at its annual Business Quad Day on Tuesday, August 25. The event took place from 11am to 1pm in the outdoor courtyard at the Business Instructional Facility (BIF). Quad Day provided students, faculty, and friends the opportunity to learn and share with one another what life in the College of Business has to offer. Judging from the numerous student groups that were present and the lively attendees packing in to learn more about them, the event was a stellar success. 

Students like Lan Wang, a MSA student previously from Purdue University, discovered a few of the many opportunities waiting for them. “I came here to socialize and have fun and I saw that there were accountancy groups here today and wanted to see what kinds of information they have,” she said.  

Other groups welcomed and encouraged people from various backgrounds and interests to get involved. From over a dozen sororities and fraternities to the National Black MBA Association to the Real Estate Club, business influences were shown to be at home within the many organizations present at Quad Day. Students were sure to find a group or cause that could serve as both a passion and a vehicle for their business capabilities.   As much as Quad Day was focused on taking in the atmosphere and taking advantage of the exciting prospects available, there was also a strong emphasis on helping others in the process. For those wanting to utilize their business knowledge and skills to become more involved with the local community, groups like SIFE, or Students in Free Enterprise, provide students with especially rewarding opportunities to make a difference.  

Natalie Piper, a junior in the Animal Sciences program and current SIFE member, explains that SIFE's distinguishing quality is that “anyone can join and anyone can lead a project.” She goes on to describe projects and their impact on the community and herself: “For me, one of the most memorable projects we’ve done was partnering up with A Woman’s Place and helping women write résumés. One woman ended up going on a job interview a week later and many others were planning job interviews,” she enthused.  

Through the many organizations that get students involved, Business Quad Day was an enjoyable demonstration of the dynamic experiences to be had in the College of Business. 

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