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A Proud Tradition of Support: Korean Finance PhD Alumni


Each year for the past nine years a group of well established ILLINOIS finance graduates, now living in Korea, donate $1000 to help defray job-hunting expenses for recent Ph.D. students in finance who are on the job market. Professor Charles Kahn, department head of finance, received the check this year from the club, “U of I Korean Finance Alumni Members,” during a visit to Korea.
“It’s a very generous gesture,” said Kahn. “It means a lot to the doctoral students to have this support when they start their job search, and it’s doubly significant to them that it’s former students that are helping them out.  I think it’s indicative of the closeness of the attachment that our doctoral students develop with the finance department, its faculty, and their fellow students while they are studying here.”
The College of Business at ILLINOIS is proud of its strong relationship with Korea. ILLINOIS trains more Koreans than any other institution outside of Korea. 

“Since 2001 the Korean finance PhD alumni have given this gift to help PhD students at a critical point in their programs,” said Kwangwoo Park, a member of the alumni group serving in the faculty at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). “It will give much greater impact to the College of Business if other PhD alumni groups will also choose to help current PhD students in various ways as they approach completion of their programs.”

The College of Business is enriched through the generosity of alumni who empathize with future alumni, who share their good fortune and who encourage others to do the same. 

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