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Lanesskog Appointed to Lead the ILLINOIS MBA


On Monday, July 20, Stig Lanesskog rejoined the College as the acting associate dean for the ILLINOIS MBA. He succeeds Mary Miller who led the program since 2002.

Stig’s BA in marketing and an MBA from our college served him well when, upon graduation, he was recruited by Andersen and later BearingPoint, both global consulting firms. His responsibility and reputation for composed leadership quickly gained acclaim among clients and peers while at these respected firms. He also ensured that BearingPoint became a major recruiter of Illinois MBA graduates. In 2003, the College of Business coaxed Stig away from the corporate fast track to direct the College’s in-house student consulting organization, Illinois Business Consulting. Stig’s success in the College led him most recently to the Office of the Provost on this campus where he served as associate provost for strategic planning and assessment.

Stig and his wife Deirdre enjoy raising their four children in Champaign where Stig serves on the community’s school board. Stig’s experience, education, and loyalty to ILLINOIS bring a respect for our traditions and strategic vision for the future to his leadership of the ILLINOIS MBA.

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