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Above Average Returns on Investment


Any professional money manager would be thrilled to show their clients a 30.61% return on a $1 million investment, especially when the S&P average over the same time period was 5.68%. That’s exactly what Central High School student Caleb Plattner did this spring in a mock investment competition organized by the College of Business through the Finance Department’s Financial Literacy Program. Surprisingly, Plattner’s performance was recognized not as the best, but as the fifth-place winner out of nearly 400 students from 5 local high schools.

First place winner Asia Slay, also of Central High School, invested her client’s mock funds and garnered returns equaling 37.04%.

“Our objective is to make stock ownership more comfortable for the average person by providing an easy mechanism to manage a simulated portfolio and learn about the markets and investments, particularly through public libraries and high schools” according to Virginia France, Assistant Professor of Finance.

The Finance Department of the College has jointly sponsored the Financial Literacy Program with the Champaign Rotary since 1995.

This year’s competition engaged 8 teachers and 396 students from 18 classes in 5 Schools around Champaign. The top five students this semester were:

1) Asia Slay investing as Asian Food Soul 40 in Ms. Graham's class at Central with 37.04%
2) Jacob Meyer investing as Prestige Worldwide in Mr. Johnson's class at Central with 35.31%
3) David Ruedi investing as Ruedi, Inc. in Mr. Snyder's Investments class at Centennial with 34.01%
4) Riley McCulley investing as McInvestments in Mr. Mann's Investment class at Central with 32.69%
5) Caleb Plattner investing as Calfilms Inc in Mr. Johnson's class at Central  with 30.61%

The top three teachers were:

1) Aimee Smith from Urbana High School with a class average of 15.81%
2) Dave Snyder from Centennial High School with a class average of 9.12%
3) Yalanda Graham from Central High School with a class average of 7.28%

The College congratulates the winners and all who participated.


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