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Video: Interview with Dean DeBrock


Professor Ira Solomon, the R. C. Evans Chair of Accountancy, sat down with Larry DeBrock, who was recently appointed the 9th Dean of the College of Business. DeBrock provided his thoughts on the challenges and opportunities confronting business education today. We have provided a list of discussion points below if you would like to jump directly to a particular segment of the video.

Discussion Points

  • Challenges and opportunities for the College of Business (00:12)
  • Increasing demand for business education (02:59)
  • Renewed focus on masters programs (05:05)
  • Primary initiatives over next few years (06:17)
  • Status of doctoral education (11:20)
  • Strengths of the College of Business (12:52)
  • What is unique about Urbana-Champaign (14:20)
  • What distinguishes ILLINOIS from peer institutions (16:38)
  • Why were you interested in the deanship (19:10)
  • How the College will partner with alumni and friends (21:12)


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