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Alpha Kappa Psi 1st Annual Business Softball Tournament


Alpha Kappa Psi 1st Annual Business Softball Tournament 

By: Tina Ho 

How great would it be to contribute towards a worthy cause while enjoying a beautiful day? On Sunday, October 12, 2008, members of Alpha Kappa Psi did just that. Alpha Kappa Psi, a professional business fraternity at the University of Illinois, hosted its 1st Annual Business 16” Softball Tournament at the UIUC Complex Fields. All proceeds from the tournament went to Swann Special Care. This event was headed by AKPsi philanthropy chair, Katie Regal. 

The AKPsi Softball Tournament was a great success. In total, eight teams participated in the AKPsi Softball Tournament. Each team had a group registration fee of 150 dollars and could have up to 12 members. The team participants included members of AKPsi, Business Council, Delta Sigma Pi, Phi Chi Theta, Fusion, Minority Business Student Association, and a team of Deans and administration from Business Undergraduate Affairs, including Dean Victor Mullins, Dean John Hedeman, and Assistant Director Ben Chandler.  All of the teams received a free shirt and sponsored lunch. The event sponsors included the College of Business, Hewitt, and Chipotle. Chipotle supplied hotdogs and the company’s chips and salsa. Hewitt and the College of Business donated monetary contributions.  

The tournament lasted through the sunny afternoon, with vibrant group enthusiasm and camaraderie throughout. The teams took part in friendly competition and cheered each other on from the sidelines. A junior from AKPsi particularly embodied this enthusiastic spirit. In his first game, the student played his best, scoring two major runs for his team. During the fourth inning, the junior dislocated his pinkie finger while making a catch, which required him to visit the hospital. However, the student remained in good spirits. “By the way, I still caught the ball,” he pointed out. The junior even returned to the tournament despite his bandaged finger to continue cheering on his team and friends. 

In the end, AKPsi collected almost 1000 dollars to donate to Swann Special Care. Swann Special Care Center is a home for children who are severely and profoundly multiply handicapped. “One of our goals this year was to donate monetary funds as well as volunteer help to organizations,” said philanthropy chair, Katie Regal. Katie also added that AKPsi’s donations would specifically go toward building a new indoor recreational center at Swann Special Care Center. The recreational center would provide the residents a chance to play, since they are not allowed to go outside.  

At the end of the tournament, an AKPsi team was crowned tournament champions. Nonetheless, everyone still had a great time. “It was a great turnout and everyone had a lot of fun,” exclaimed Katie.

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