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Business Career Fair With a Twist


By Sabrina Santucci

Students in Business organizations like the National Black MBA Association are trying a different approach to an old standard. Instead of asking their members to attend functions established by recruiters, they are asking recruiters to sell them first on each company. If a Business student organization likes what they hear, the recruiters get invited to address all its members. The event is called a “Reverse Career Fair” for the reverse approach where students interview recruiters. The Reverse Career Fair took place September 15th and 16th in the newly constructed Business Instructional Facility. The Reverse Career Fair allowed students to present information about their organization to recruiters.

The Reverse Career Fair allows recruiters to learn about the various business organizations on campus. The event is hosted by Business Career Services and Undergraduate Affairs. All of the organizations are overseen by the Council of Presidents. According to Brittany Wharton, a member of the National Black MBA Association, their reason for participating in the Reverse Career Fair was to help future employers recognize the NBMBAA on resumes. Rachel Stoddard, Treasurer of the Society of Women in Business, hopes to get the resumes of their members to recruiters via a resume CD at their organization’s booth, which each organization had set up.
Ben Chandler, College of Business Assistant Director of Undergraduate Affairs, says that the purpose of this event is to increase the visibility of these organizations and what they stand for on campus. According to Chandler, the College of Business also hoped to introduce the new Business Instructional Facility to Recruiters. For now the Reverse Career Fair is only a two day event. The Business Undergraduate Affairs Office plans to always keep the event changing as the world of business does, said Chandler. “Through student and corporate feedback, the Business Undergraduate Affairs Office hopes to consistently improve this event each year.” For Brittany Wharton, member of the NBMBAA, the Reverse Career Fair is “face recognition, so future employers can recognize everything our organization does.”

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