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Dean Mullins' Underlying 'Keys' to Academic Success


By Tina Ho, Accountancy '10

On Wednesday, February 6th, Associate Dean Victor Mullins hosted the first Spring Student Success Seminar entitled "The Keys to Academic Success in the College of Business". The seminar was open to all students in the College of Business and focused mainly on how to overcome the everyday struggles that business students face. The event addressed the issue of how academic success is tied to the utilization of available resources. Through Dean Mullins' personable demeanor and unique approach, the seminar was able to help students help themselves with knowledge of resources and open paths to reach their goals.

Dean Mullins' presentation was truly useful to undergraduates. Mullins' pearls of wisdom conveyed the 'keys' to academic success and resonated in a special way. Rather than stating the generic characteristics of a hard-worker, he promoted success by speaking about the challenges and everyday struggles of a college student immediately followed by discussing strategies and resources that overcome each particular difficulty.

In addition, students were provided with information about several other resources of the University and the College of Business, including a tutor list, study plan, university phone numbers, and more.

One of the problems most frequently faced by college students is the inefficient allocation and organization of time. Dean Mullins emphasized the importance of study plans and encouraged students to come to his office where he would personally help them form a customized study plan.

Dean Mullins also encouraged the formation of study groups to help students gain insight into alternate ways of dealing with their frustrations. As an example, students were given an opportunity to voice concerns during the seminar. One student, a junior majoring in Business Administration, shared his frustration with a course where he was unable to perform at a high level because he could not understand what was expected of him. He commented, “It's hard to get into the teacher's mind. It's all about the framing.” This sparked a discussion that helped several students better understand the usefulness of going into office hours and taking advantage of tutors.

The Spring Student Success Seminar conveyed the importance of proactive effort in achieving personal goals. It brought together a variety of students to learn more about the resources of the University and the College of Business and conveyed useful strategies for future success. Dean Mullins' sincere desire to help, expressed in this well-planned seminar and his willingness to work with students individually made a big impression that undergraduates in the College of Business have someone they can count on to help.

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