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Hall Scholarship Recipients Learn About Benefactor


Years after his death, Leiby S. Hall continues to impacts the lives of almost 60 College of Business juniors and seniors.

Leiby Hall scholarship winners and dev staff pose with Harold Alsup, Hall trustee.In 1999, an estate commitment from Hall of more than $6 million created the Leiby Hall Scholarship Fund that provides significant financial support for scores of students in the College. Hall scholarships are awarded based on GPA, student activities, and community involvement. Not relying solely on GPA reflects Hall’s belief that well-rounded and deserving students might not be able to maintain a perfect grade point average. “Leiby believed that how you live and how successful you are depend on what you learn,” said long-time friend and Hall trustee Harold Alsup.

Hall scholarship recipients learned more about their benefactor during casual meals with Alsup, who traveled from Decatur to campus three times during the fall to talk about his good friend and colleague. Supplementing his words with photos of Hall as a small boy, young businessman, and community leader, Alsup described a man devoted to his family, friends, and community.  “Leiby’s generosity pays dividends for you,” he told the students.

Hall was a Decatur businessman with a knack for developing a business. While still a young man, he purchased the Decatur Yellow Cab Company and operated it for more than 20 years. One day, in response to a phone call asking him to deliver a part for a local business, Hall established Taxi Cab Freight (TCF). Through agreements with other cab companies, he ultimately expanded the freight delivery business to 18 states.

Hall, said Alsup, created his own challenges and got involved in the things he liked to do. His success gave him a chance to give back to his community and to the College of Business.

“As long as there is a College of Business,” said Alsup, “there will be a Hall Scholarship Trust.”

The 2005-06 Hall Scholarship recipients will be among the students honored at the College’s annual awards banquet this spring.

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