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Mahoney and Otnes Appointed IBE Professorships


Dean Avijit Ghosh announced the appointments of Professors Joseph Mahoney and Cornelia "Cele" Otnes to endowed faculty positions in the College of Business.

Effective August 16, 2007 Professor Otnes will be appointed as Investors in Business Education Professor of Marketing and Professor Mahoney as the Investors in Business Education Professor of Strategy, both in the Department of Business Administration. The contributions Professors Mahoney and Otnes make to the College through their research, teaching, service and leadership are well known.

Professor Mahoney’s research on corporate governance and organizational economics has won the admiration of his colleagues in the discipline, as has his recently published book "The Economic Foundations of Strategy." He has held a number of leadership positions within the Academy of Management.

Professor Otnes’s primary research interests are in the study of ritual-based consumer behavior, the cultural aspects of consumption, and how both advertising and marketing shape ritual-based consumption. Her research in these areas has won acclaim, as has her recently published book "Cinderella Dreams: The Allure of the Lavish Wedding."

The appointments of Professors Mahoney and Otnes as Investors in Business Education Professors recognize their leadership and their contributions to their disciplines, their department, the College, and the University.

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