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Hoeft T&M Program Team Wins 2012 Deloitte Case Competition


Last April, three students in the Hoeft Technology and Management Program and one from Engineering who works for Illinois Business Consulting, participated as a team in a local case competition hosted by Deloitte and won first place. These students competed with 18 other teams from around campus.
“The case was focused on incorporating the Cloud into an established game developer company's operations both for internal and external purposes,” said Parul Koul, senior in the Hoeft Program. “We proposed a 4-pronged approach to smoothly and effectively incorporate cloud computing into company operations in order to provide the most long-term profitable solution.”
Manda Phadke, also a senior in the Hoeft Program, found the entire competition to be rewarding. “I really enjoyed working with a group of students across various majors as well as a problem that I would not typically come across in my major classes. Bouncing ideas back and forth, questioning every idea posed and coming up with a solution to a real business situation were all highlights of the competition.”
The team presented their case to a panel of judges, consisting of Deloitte employees and College of Business professors.
“I had the unique opportunity to work with and learn from my engineering teammates in order to tackle a consulting case that explores the very current technology of cloud gaming,” said Wenjie Fu, senior in the Hoeft Program. “Our diverse backgrounds and creativity culminated in an impressive multi-faceted solution that won over the judges.”
Miheer Munjal,  the team’s leader and an IBC project manager, was understandably pleased with his team’s effort. When asked for advice to give to future teams, he said, “My advice is to "go for it and try it". It can help anyone to gain valuable experience for the consulting field.”

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