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Campus Launches "UI Mobile"


Web Services, a campus-level unit of the Office of Public Affairs, announced the launch of  "UI Mobile" earlier this month. The campus mobile website offers access to the Urbana campus news, weather, sports, and the people locator function (aka "ph"), the most frequently accessed page on the campus website. Other features on the home page are also available, quickly and easily using your favorite mobile device.

When you navigate to the campus home page using a Treo, BlackBerry, Pocket PC, or smart cell phone you will be automatically redirected to the campus mobile site.  

To preview UI Mobile from any computer, see

The announcement about the availability was made by the Director of Web Services, Jim Wilson. The office is has authored and made available to the University of Illinois community numerous resources for the web, including a calendar tool, an RSS manager, and an online survey tool.

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