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Top 10 Reasons I Support the Business Honors Program


We business students are an ambitious group with a passion to change the world. Each of us enrolled because we aspire to the challenge of a rigorous business education and we like hanging out with others who share our energy and drive. Those of us who are committed to applying every ounce of ability in the pursuit of improving society and increasing our own technical excellence, to understanding business globally and improving the world through business principles, join the Business Honors program. As Honors students we are challenged every day to develop skills, connections, and insights that each of us knows will alter our future for the better.

With the help of other Business Honors Alumni, we recently raised $30,000 for the program to help future “overachievers” who will join the Business Honors program with 4 year scholarships and a few study abroad stipends. We are proud to return a little of the money we each received while in the program to help those who would follow in our footsteps.

Why do we do it? Keep reading and learn a few of the many reasons why.

The top 10 reasons to support Business Honors students

10. Because money should never hold someone from reaching their potential. - Jason Mueller

9.  The College of Business challenges every student to reach for their potential, which is a very worthy cause to support. - Kelly Maynard

8. It’s tax deductible, if you itemize. - Mike LaBelle

7. Paying it forward means acknowledging the help you received attending ILLINOIS and helping someone else to follow in your footsteps. - Mike LaBelle

6. The need is great: available scholarships have not kept pace with tuition increases, the College of Business receives no State operating funds, and the Illinois legislature continues to reduce funding for higher education. - Hetal Patel

5. Sharing one’s success is the right thing to do. - Beth Rahn

4. Invest in top minds today and hire them after they graduate. - Dan Wenhold

3. ILLINOIS needs help recruiting the best students. - John Lohr

2. Going to ILLINOIS was the best decision I ever made and I want others to get the same experience. - Cara White

1. Dean Hedeman!

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