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Pearson Named Brandt Distinguished Professor


Neil Pearson.Neil D. Pearson was named as the Harry A. Brandt Distinguished Professor in Financial Markets and Options in May. He has been an IBE Fellow in Finance since 2002. 

Professor Pearson, who joined the College in the Department of Finance in August 1995 as an assistant professor, is one of the country’s leading academic experts in the field of financial economics, particularly the growing sub-field relating to futures and options, derivatives trading and financial risk management.  His research in this area is universally regarded for its creativity, its high quality and for the impact it has had on the discipline. 

“The College is extremely grateful to Harry and Sharon Joyce Brandt for their support,” said Dean Avijit Ghosh in an email to College staff announcing Pearson’s appointment.

The Harry A. Brandt Distinguished Professorship in Financial Markets and Options was established in 1987 by a gift from Harry A. Brandt to provide academic leadership in the area of financial markets and options.  A 1956 graduate of the College of Business, Brandt served as the president of Brandt and Associates in Chicago, a firm specializing in processing transactions for options traders. 

Neil Pearson received his PhD in finance from MIT and his AB from Princeton University. He received the campus award for excellence in off-campus teaching in 2004. He is the co-editor of the Economics Bulletin, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, and Journal of Financial Economics.

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