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New Sustainable Landscape on ILLINOIS Campus


For Immediate Release

Contact: Barlow LeVold, Assistant Director of Communication 217-244-8146;

Through a joint effort between the College of Business, the Student Sustainability Committee, Facilities & Services, and the Department of Landscape Architecture, the Business Instructional Facility courtyard has a new sustainable landscape.

Attractive low-maintenance native plants and grasses now fill the spaces once covered by a dysfunctional sedge meadow established when the building was first constructed 3 years ago. The new plantings provide an attractive setting for building occupants, reduce water run-off, and comply with campus maintenance practices.

“We are very grateful for the interest this project has received from all over campus,” said Tracy McCabe, assistant dean of the College of Business. “The sensitivity everyone has shown to responsible landscaping is inspiring.”

The new landscape was made possible with a $10,000 grant from the Student Sustainability Committee, a matching contribution from Legacy, a registered philanthropic student organization in the College of Business, and a substantial ongoing investment by the College of Business.

The LEED Platinum-rated Business Instructional Facility represents the pinnacle of efficient building on the ILLINOIS campus and downstate Illinois, drawing interest from sustainability advocates and innovators.

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