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26 of the Senior 100 Honorary in Business


Congratulations to the Senior 100 Honorary!

Each year ILLINOIS Student Alumni Ambassadors and the Alumni Association recognize the top 100 seniors from across campus. The annual Senior 100 Honorary represents outstanding senior class men and women selected for their achievements in leadership, academics and campus involvement while a student at ILLINOIS.

This year, 26 of all students selected are College of Business majors.

Note: Blue names are honors students (8), green names are James Scholars (16), red names are both (6).

Kara J. Burlinski
Daniel Burns
Christine Mansee Cheng
Paul Dayton
Matt Etter
Anthony Greif
Elizabeth Grubb
Matthew Nickrent
Samantha Spitz
Tracy Turnbull

Shaistah Bahrainwala 
Tiffany Chan
Christopher Loren Dardi
Angela Jiang
Shilpa P. Kumar
James J. Lenihan III
Bryan Macfarlane
Justin Malina
Adam Zughayer

Business Administration
James M. Lee
Daniel J. Papas

Business Administration/Finance
David S. Olsen

Atul K. Gupta
Shoaib Haroon
Dennis McKinney
Henry A. Soong

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